128 Better Options for the Word “Very” That We Should Start Using Today

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Your English teacher hates(ed) the word “very.”

Frankly, it’s lazy, and there are just sooooo many better options out there.

She wasn’t alone. Mark Twain agrees:

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I like to go with fucking as a default. But to each their own.

Twain actually wasn’t a fan of adjectives in general; the above quote is actually suggesting that you just eliminate the modifier altogether.

Perhaps some of us might miss that subtlety because we’re imagining Twain saying those words himself.

And maybe that’s further compounded by the fact that the person we’re seeing with our mind’s eye isn’t actually Twain, or even Hal Holbrook, who played Mark Twain in his solo-play Mark Twain Tonight longer than Samuel Clemens played Twain in real life:

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No, most of us are probably seeing Wilford Brimley:

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Anyhow, if you’re the type who still wants to use adjectives and modifiers, but maybe not “very,” and you’re having trouble coming up with options, here’s a handy list from the folks at Proofreading Services:

Don’t like that one?

I’ve got another one, too!