13+ Amazing Movies – If You Don’t Require a Happy Ending

Image Credit: Pixabay

Me? My very favorite movies are ones that have endings that are not happy, not sad, but bittersweet. I think that means I need to add a few of the 13+ films below to my watch list!

#15. A gut punch.

“Atonement. That ending was like a gutpunch.”

#14. I wasn’t prepared.

“Falling Down. My favorite movie.

We watched this in one of my film studies courses in college. I remember rolling my eyes seeing it on the syllabus: a Michael Douglas movie from the early 90s, great.

To say I wasn’t prepared for what kind of film that would suggest would be an understatement. So when D-Fens is holding a fucking rocket launcher at one point in the film, I actually lost my mind and haven’t found it since.”

#13. The worst ever.

“Bridge to Terabithia

Good movie for what it is, but one of the worst ever for what it was advertised as, which is wholly the fault of the advertisers.”

#12. A happy anything.

“Grave of the fireflies. Forget happy endings, that movie doesn’t have a happy anything.”

#11. Sure…

“The Dark Knight. Sure the Joker is captured, but at the cost of Gothams savior Harvey Dent and Batman becoming a fugitive.”

#10. Plain sad.

“Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. It’s happy in its own right but you have to, in a sense, force the happy ending narrative. The ending is plain sad.”

#9. Expectation subversion.

“Dr. Horrible. Perfect expectation subversion.”

#8. The inevitable.

“Apocalypto. Dude goes through hell to save his family only for the inevitable to happen at the end.”

#7. Devastating.

“In a way I’d say Schindlers List. On one hand absolutely amazing how many people he saved, on the other with the full context of the Holocaust in mind, devastating.”

#6. Character justice.

“Logan. I loved the fuck out of that movie. In the end he did what was right. He was dieing on one last road to continue his legacy once and for all. Professor X fucked me up though . His final Speach man like holy shit.”

#5. Spoiler alert.

“Leon: The Professional

Idk if it’s a happy ending or not. On the the one hand we like Leon and he does seem to grow. So it’s sad to see him die.

But on the other, he is a hitman and the last person he kills is a dirty cop(I think, it’s been a while). Plus Matilda gets to live a normal life now.

Hard to say…”

#4. I’m tired, Boss.

“The Green Mile.

You tell God, the father, it was a kindness that you done.

I’m tired boss.”

#3. Probably my favorite.

“Ex machina probably my favorite, just watched ‘the favourite’ which I enjoyed.

Also does the watchmen count?”

#2. Haunt my dreams.

“Requiem for a Dream.

Ass to assss!! That scene will forever haunt me in my dreams.”

#1. A dire one.

“No Country for Old Men.

The movie is about Ed Tom – he’s the “old man.” Focusing on Llewellyn and Anton gives the impression that they’re the main characters, but they’re really not. It’s misdirection. You’re supposed to watch Ed Tom’s character development as he responds to the big struggle between these two actually-background characters, because of which he realizes the world isn’t waiting on him (“that’s vanity”) and retires before he ends up getting splattered across a motel wall. Which actually makes it a happy ending for the main character, even if the overall message of where the world is headed is a dire one.”

Happy watching! Er, bittersweet watching? Whatever!