13 Cats That Took Their Selfie Game to a Whole New Level

Image Credit: Reddit

Cats, y’all. Love them or hate them, it doesn’t really matter cause they’re never going away. And we don’t really want them to, right?

These 13 felines even seem to be getting the hang of cell phone cameras, so it’s only a matter of time until they take over.

#13. Go ahead and tell me how handsome I am

Image Credit: Reddit

Oh, THE MOST handsome? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

#12. Loving on his winter bod

Image Credit: Reddit

Is “cat bod” a think yet? Because now it is.

#11. Do these teeth make me look crazy?

Image Credit: Reddit

I’m going to go with, “yes. yes they do.”

#10. Someone teach this cat the best angles are from above!

Image Credit: Reddit

Beware of the phantom double chin…

#9. Don’t tell me to smile…

Image Credit: Reddit

Anyone else think this is more than a little bit creepy?

#8. Just checking to see what this dumb jingly thing looks like

Image Credit: Reddit

You mean it’s NOT a bomb?? Phew.

#7. Who is photobombing who?

Image Credit: Reddit

“Daaaaad! Get out of my shooooot!”

#6. Does putting my arm up here make me look skinny?

Image Credit: Reddit


#5. Filters and everything

Image Credit: Reddit

I believe he’s discovered the fish eye setting.

#4. The young whippersnappers are always the first to figure things out.

Image Credit: Instagram

“Why didn’t anybody tell me my nose was this big?!”

#3. Tongue party!

Image Credit: Reddit

I mean, honestly, what’s more fun than sticking out your tongue with a friend?

#2. Somebody get this cat a selfie stick!

Image Credit: Reddit

Although, with arms like those, he may not need one!

#1. Wait, wait, I didn’t mean to take that

Image Credit: Reddit

Yup, that’s becoming my profile pic.

Go ahead and start bowing to your kitty overlords now, folks.