13 Celebrities Who Were Cut out of Famous Films

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When actors and actresses reach a certain level of fame, you might think they can command roles and screen time wherever they go – but it turns out that almost everyone has to work for their time in front of the camera, not matter how famous.

Just like the rest of us work for a living.

How do we know? Well, you’ll probably be surprised by these 13 celebs who thought they were in a movie, only to find out later that their part had ended up on the cutting room floor.

13. You might have thought Daisy Ridley was in Inbetweeners 2, but her part was chopped.


It wasn’t her fault; her scene needed to be re-shot, but she couldn’t make it because she was already on set working on Star Wars.

12. Paul Rudd played one of Kristen Wiigs’ bad dates in Bridesmaids.

They said Paul was very funny, but the movie was long and we didn’t really need a third man in Annie’s life. See the cut performance here.

11. Angela Bassett shot several scenes as a villain in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


Director Doug Liman told Entertainment Weekly that the character was cut when he rewrote the film’s ending.

10. Matt Damon reprised his role of Linus Caldwell (Ocean’s 11) for Ocean’s 8, but didn’t appear in the final film.

The appearance was cut for plot reasons, but also because of a petition that asked for his removal after his “thoughtless and sexist comments about Harvey Weinstein.”

9. Jena Malone was cut out of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


She played Jenet Klyburn, a weapons expert and ballistics specialist at S.T.A.R. Labs who helps Lois Lane.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio was originally in the 1992 thriller Poison Ivy.

He recently told Marc Maron on this WTF podcast that he had a small role with a few lines, but he couldn’t get it right and the entire bit ended up cut from the film.

7. Princes Harry and William shot cameos as stormtroopers in The Last Jedi, but had to be cut out.


They were too tall, guys. That’s it.

6. Harrison Ford originally made a cameo in E.T.

His then-wife Melissa Mathison wrote the movie, and Steven Spielberg directed, but Ford’s role as the uptight principal who reads Elliott the riot act didn’t add enough substance to make the final cut.

5. Tim Roth was axed from the final version of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.


Though he delivered memorable performances in a number of Tarantino films, his role as a British butler didn’t make the final cut this time.

4. Ellen Pompeo filmed a key role in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – but you never saw her.

She played Jim Carrey’s ex-girlfriend Naomi. The director actually filmed a video essay that explains why he decided not to use any of her scenes.

3. Eric Stoltz filmed the role of Marty McFly for 5 weeks before being replaced by Michael J. Fox.


Director Robert Zemeckis claimed most of the problem was that Eric wasn’t delivering on the script’s humor.

2. Sterling K. Brown’s entire character was cut from Split.

Director M. Night decided that the professor/neighbor character took the film away from its main focus for too long – it’s one of the deleted scenes, though!

1. Robert Pattinson played Reese Witherspoon’s son in Vanity Fair.


Given that they’re only 9 years apart in age, casting them as love interests in Water for Elephants made more sense.

I’m totally surprised by some of these, are you?

Which one shocked you the most? Share with us in the comments if you would!