I love a good sign that makes me chuckle.

Some people think that it’s easy to come up with a funny sign, but you gotta be clever and on-point to make folks laugh!

And there are certain businesses, organizations, and individuals out there who are really killing the sign game.

Are you ready to see what I’m rambling on and on about? Let’s take a look at some signs that we think are going to make you laugh.


1. I see what you did there!

And I’m a fan of your work!

Very clever from funnysigns

2. Just watch the eyes.

If they jiggle, we’re in trouble.

Earthquake Detection Kit from funnysigns

3. I’m here for this one!

Anyone else out there agree with this?

I think we can all agree: from funnysigns

4. This is amazing.

For all the big crybabies out there who can’t wear masks.

The Karen Spot from funnysigns

5. It’s like they’re inside of my mind.

How did you do that?!?!

Found locally… can relate from funnysigns

6. This is very true.

And also pretty funny. Shop local!

Funny but true. from funnysigns

7. It had to be done.

Because we’re basically living in the apocalypse.

Vorona Cirus from funnysigns

8. Dogs aren’t going to cause any trouble.

It’s those humans you have to worry about…

Seems like they’ve had some bad customers caw caw from funnysigns

9. Here’s a smart one.

It sure does get the point across.

The most interesting ad I’ve ever seen from funnysigns

10. I bet they got a lot of responses.

Sometimes, simple is better.

Actually genius though from funnysigns

11. Wait, what did the doctor say?

Of course we can’t read it!

Doctors be like from funnysigns

12. I bet she was a lot of fun.

Puttin’ her on blast!

I can hear the review now. Lol from funnysigns

13. Zing! Good one!

A lot of religious organizations seem to be killin’ the sign game.

This synagogue sign in Toronto from funny

Okay, friends, now we want to hear from you.

Have you seen any signs recently in real life or online that made you chuckle?

Talk to us in the comments and share some pics!