13 Funny Tweets About Veganism

Image Credit: Pixabay

People make all kinds of different choices when it comes to their lifestyle, their diet, and their bodies. None of them are a joke, and none of them are a reason to dislike a person.

That said, sometimes those choices can lead to pretty funny commentary.

Today we’re putting vegans in the hot seat with these 13 genuinely funny jokes about the choice to totally cut animal products out of your life.

13. There’s a ton to unpack here.

12. You know you can still order whatever you want, right?

11. Go big or go home, McDonalds.

10. Real talk, my friends.


9. Piece of dairy-free cake.


8. So much progress. Lol.

7. Toxic masculinity, Exhibit A.

6. Okay but that took a lot of effort, though.


5. Now you’ve gone and let it out.


4. That’s one way to talk people into it.


3. Wow, how long did they work on that?

2. It’s all under control.


1. That’s quite the visual.

I still love my vegan friends, even if I couldn’t imagine giving up bacon (or steak or cheeseburgers or cheese…).

Did you think these were funny, even if you’re vegan? Let us know in the comments!