13 Gaming Consoles That You Totally Forgot Even Existed

Ready for your daily trip down memory lane? So am I. Here are 13 gaming consoles from the distant past that you totally forgot about.

Prepare yourself for some extreme childhood nostalgia up ahead – especially if you were a budding video game enthusiast.

1. The holy grail

I spent most of my formative years on my Gamecube.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

2. Responsibility 101

Truly, whether or not your Tamagotchi lived is a clear indicator of if you’re ready to be a parent.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

3. The Intellivision!

Remember when your controllers had numbers on them? No… no you don’t. Nobody does. Because this thing came out in 1979!

Photo Credit: boredpanda

4. RIP Sega Dreamcast

This short-lived console sure packed a lot of surprises.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

5. The real O.G.

Phew, this thing is ancient. It’s crazy how much technology has developed over only a couple decades.

I mean, this basically looks like a giant air conditioner at this point.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

6. Aw, memories

Imagine playing Legend of Zelda on this bad boy.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

7. This really sent me back

What a beautiful spread. It could bring a tear to my eye.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

8. Is that a microwave?

I kid, I kid – but that’s a pretty thick screen.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

9. My kind of mood board

This imaging is so calming.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

10. The low-budget route

Just some very light programming at play here.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

11. Here’s another discount game

Water and plastic – can you get any simpler?

Photo Credit: boredpanda

12. The alternative option

It’s too bad Atari had to split in the 80’s. They had some pretty stellar products. This portable Lynx console was definitely a dark horse.

Photo Credit: boredpanda

13. Virtual Boy, Power Glove, Game Gear, and… ummm…

Did anybody actually own any of these? And WHAT IS THAT IN THE RIGHT HAND CORNER?!?!

Photo Credit: boredpanda

Wow, that took me straight back to my childhood. If only we could go back to those simpler times – even for just a fleeting moment.

What were your favorite video game consoles growing up? Let us know in the comments below!