13 Hilarious Photoshops That Are the Most Literal Things We’ve Seen Lately

People love Photoshop. It’s addictive, to think we could create the perfect image, could scrub anything out or in that would make us or the image as a whole look better.

We should have learned by now, though, that any such requests given to Photoshop master Jamie Fridman would be met with extremely literal responses – they’re hilarious, and honestly, full of social commentary if you want to look below the surface!

13. Why are these creepy?

Nothing Jamie could do about that, I suppose.

12. That is one cute dog.

As long as we get to keep him in, I’m good.

11. Painfully accurate.

At least it was just in the imagination!

10. She should have defined “cool.”

Although he admittedly took it to extremes.

9. Stretching the interpretation of the term “people.”

But I see what he did there.

8. They’re wearing protective gear, too.

Very important.

7. He must be from Texas.

Or just a really big fan of Yellowstone.

6. Man, this took some skill.

I love it.

5. This is amazing.

It’s also funny, so gold star.

4. Well that was simple.

I want to see their reactions. Lol.

3. It looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie.

I mean that in a good way, obviously.

2. Notoriety comes at a price, you know.

But he probably meant VISITING a museum I guess.

1. Both of these pictures are downright hilarious.

I can’t decide which I like the best.

These actually made me think a little bit. How about you?

Which of them hit you just right? Tell us in the comments!