13 Hilarious Word Fails That’ll Make You Feel Like an Educated Scholar

It’s easy to be at a loss for words these days.

Sometimes, it seems like our social skills have deteriorated so much that we’ve basically reverted to the prehistoric ages.

Other times, autocorrect just really has it out for us.

Here are 13 word fails from the folks of the internet who might need a brush up with their Webster dictionaries.

1. Now you see her…

Imagine if your food actually could play peek-a-boo with you. Well, that just might be what you get with a dish like this.

Image Credit: someecards

2. Oh no

I guess you could say that war was really heavy metal.

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3. A new definition for sophomore slump

Would you prefer soft more, or soft less?

Image Credit: someecards

4. He goes by the book

Honestly, I can’t blame this person. Who uses the word “prodigal” nowadays anyway?

Image Credit: someecards

5. Always reload your ammunition system

Never forget to carry the right supplies for your ammunition system, like: calcium, zinc, and vitamin C.

Image Credit: someecards

6. Um

So, this is officially the new “bone apple teeth.”

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7. Me-yowch

Don’t like the thumbs you’ve got, kitty? You’re in luck. Just chuck ’em in the trash and find yourself a nice new pair.

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8. Is this a new D&D alignment?

I prefer my evil mid to mid-rare.

Image Credit: someecards

9. By the power of the moon

Ah yes, we’re all familiar with how lunar activity has a powerful effect on our health here on Earth.

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10. Oops

Looks like someone needs to cut themselves and their “tension span” some slack.

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11. The finest of the flavors

I guess “code” could make sense in a very 21st-century context.

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12. LOL

If only a Brazilian could render us all immune.

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13. Gambling 101

Russian roulette might turn out to be a very different kind of game if “rushing” was the main component.

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Now, doesn’t that all make you feel like a Pulitzer Prize winner? I feel like my vocabulary grew three sizes today.

What are some massive word fails you’ve seen people publicly make? Share them with us in the comments!