13 Horrible Bosses Who Got the Shaming They Deserve

Image Credit: Reddit

Most of us have or have had bosses in our time, and for me, at least, they’ve run the gamut. A few have been despicably horrible, a few have been outstanding, and most have labored somewhere in between. I’ve been tempted to call them out before, but the truth is, most people are doing their best.

That, though, cannot be said of these 13 peaches, who totally deserve to be called out and publicly shamed.

13. Dream on, jackash.

We’re outta here sorry not sorry about your party.

Quit my job yesterday because I was tired of the unprofessional environment – got this text from my supervisor today. from mildlyinfuriating

12. That is a truly bizarre thing to say.

And how do you know whether or not you’re “ready?”

My boss has a chest of random items that she likes. She told me on my first day to “look in the chest when you’re ready.” from WTF

11. I would have thought I was being pranked.

And when I found out I wasn’t, I would not know how to handle this.

Came to work to find that my boss threw away everyone’s desks and replaced them with dressers, a sheet of glass, and saddle chairs. from mildlyinfuriating

10. I hope they called the cops AND a lawyer.

Artists at my local tattoo shop left this for their boss after finding a motion detector that records video in the unisex BR

9. That is legit the smallest monitor I have ever seen.

It might be smaller than my laptop monitor.

Leave work for one day and my boss replaced my large monitor that I use to make prototype models and engravings on products with this tiny one. from mildlyinfuriating

8. Yes, when is a good time.

But why is also an acceptable answer.

My boss’s texting style from mildlyinfuriating

7. I don’t…why would this make you think of someone?

I think it’s time to run away.

My boss gave this to me and told me he was thinking of me…(I’m pretty sure its human skin) from WTF

6. Why are dolls so horribly creepy?

I would have straight-up had a heart attack.

My boss left this in the bathroom for me from WTF

5. That was a question, you know?

Guess he either didn’t know or didn’t read it. Or both.

I present my boss lady’s and gentlemen. from mildlyinfuriating

4. That seems like a totally appropriate way to get revenge.

And no, I don’t care about the customers.

My coworker went all Wet Seal on our boss today. from pics

3. If I was the “public” I wouldn’t be leaving a tip for someone who didn’t help me.

What a complete ashhole, no?

When your good service rewards only your boss from mildlyinfuriating

2. This is actually fairly amazing, right?

Don’t act like you’re not mentally giving this guy a high-five.

So my boss likes to make soap… from WTF

1. She’s probably kidding, right?

But I would order more pens just to be sure.

The way my boss asked me to order her more pens like this one. I’m sure she’s just bluffing……. from funny

I’m aghast at how purposefully horrible so many people are at their jobs.

Do you have a boss that could have made this list? Tell us why in the comments!