13 Questions Google Cannot Answer But Maybe You Can

Photo Credit: Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Nowadays you just cannot make it through a whole 24 hours without asking a question and someone saying, “Just Google it!” But what happens when Google fails to help you out?


Answer: Head on over to AskReddit. Here are the TOP 13 greatest questions Google dropped the ball on.

1. Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

2. Smells Like Trouble

3. When Google Refuses To Comment

4. First World Problems

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/zangor

5. Must Have Been A Life Changing Video. Hmmm…

6. A Chocolate Lab Smells Like Chocolate? YUM!

7. The Newest Fitness Trend!

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/kickme2

8. The Question Should Be: Why Can I Hear My Blinks?

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/RunDNA

9. Yes, Please!

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/Escalus_Hamaya

10. OMG – WHEN and WHY?!

11. But Did The CEO Put It Together?

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/Kremzon

12. And Their Username Starts With “Blinding”.

13. My Head Exploded, Too.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/ZackAldan

What burning question are you struggling with? AskReddit may have the answer!