13 Little Things That Feel Rude, Even Though They’re Not

Human beings are odd little creatures. We try our best to get along, to avoid conflict, and we worry far too much (imho) about our interactions with strangers.

Sure, some people could stand to be a little more polite, but for the rest of us, we should stop worrying that things like these 13 are horribly rude.

13. This person is probably Italian.

Saying “no thanks” when offered more food.

Especially at a family function, there’s always those relatives that offer so much.

I really don’t need to eat that much food.

12. You feel like you’re taking advantage.

Accepting an offer that doesn’t benefit the other person too.

11. I just avoid walking past them.

Rejecting kiosk workers feels rude, but i digress.

I went to a mall and I have really big, thick hair. One girl asked me if I ever straighten it and I said no and she was like “well, this straightener is easy, less damaging, let me try it on you!” And I said no thanks and then she’s like “come on i insist!”

And I was like noooooo f**king thank you.

Then like an hour later I walked by the same kiosk again and a different guy was working and asked to try the straightener on my hair and I said no, and he asked “why not” and I said because I don’t like straightening my hair. He’s like “well this is not time consuming!” And I got really mad and kinda yelled “I’m not buying a hair straightener from you!”

10. I feel like there’s some subtext, here.

Calling people out for social misconduct.

As in saying they are coming in 5 minutes only to not hear from them again.

Mildly specific, I know.

9. Those still exist?

Ringing the bell when there is no one at the service counter.

8. Like you’re saying you don’t want to be with them, but that’s not true.

saying you need space/time to yourself.

i don’t know why, but it always feels like i’m being rude when i tell people this, even though it’s just part of life and needing some alone time/time to think and reflect.

7. This makes me giggle.

Giving ppl the thumbs-down motion, especially when driving.

My dad and I do that instead of flipping ppl off.

Gets ppl madder than s**t but it’s still hilarious.

6. Always ask why you feel like you have to do it.

Telling the truth about something that might hurt but is going to save your butt in the long run.

5. Ok but this is kind of rude.

Not continuing the “pay it forward” at drive-thrus.

It’s happened several times to me, and I’ve always reciprocated.

I’ve hit a financially rough time, and I’m working 6 days a week starting at 5:30.

If I miss a coffee the rest of my morning will feel like hell, even though I’m pushing my budget to get one.

The cashier told me my coffee was paid for already, so I left a small tip, and went about my way. I’ll pay it later when circumstances are better.

4. The good ones should understand.

Telling a doctor that you want a second opinion.

3. Especially with Gen Z kids.

Texting with a proper punctuation.

2. I thought it was only me.

Asking someone to correct your food order.

1. You gotta do it.

Discussing salary.

It’s a good way to make sure you and your coworkers are all being treated fairly.

Be polite, but don’t be a doormat, y’all.

What, if anything, would you put on this list?

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