13 Memes to Help You Laugh Your A** off Today

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I don’t what your state of mind is right now, but I’m in need of a good laugh…or 13 good laughs!

And that’s exactly what’s in store for you with this solid set of funny memes especially procured for your viewing pleasure.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into these memes and laugh our asses off!

I need it, you need it, WE ALL NEED IT.


1. Oh yeah, I’m great!

Why do you ask?

Photo Credit: someecards

2. That’s a scary thought.

And that’s kind of a creepy picture.


3. Was that obvious?

Gee, I really hope not…

4. You must be some kind of hacker.

I gotta say, I’m impressed.


5. Crack yourself up!

Hey, you deserve it!


6. I don’t think so.

Wait, are you asking me to do my actual job?

7. Blast that baby to 62!

Let’s make it like an ice box in here.

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8. I’m one of the boys now!

No one will ever notice.

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9. It’s gonna be a great night!

Snack time ALL NIGHT LONG.

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10. That’s the tiger in me.

You animal, you!

Photo Credit: someecards

11. Oh…never mind…

Sorry about the outburst.

Photo Credit: someecards

12. Anything else?

This beverage is delicious by the way…and it was totally worth it.

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Photo Credit: someecards


Was I right, or was I right?

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