13 “Men Have an Underdeveloped Frontal Lobe” Tweets That Women Will Probably Enjoy

©Flickr,Paul Lewis

Let’s face the facts: guys are…not the smarter sex. We’re rude, crude, ignorant, and we should thank our lucky stars that the ladies put up with us at all.

This is especially true when we’re younger. But who am I kidding, a lot of us never grow up and our frontal lobes never fully develop like they’re supposed to by age 25.

What I’m trying to say is that we’re children.

Ladies, these tweets are for you.

1. Don’t hold your breath.

2. A long, long wait.

3. That’s being very generous.

4. Drop the zero, get with the hero.

5. It’s not my fault.

6. Might never happen.

7. Might not even happen then…

8. Wow. There’s that.

9. That’s your excuse?

10. Wish it was a better movie.

11. Times are tough.

12. Just like babies!

13. The ladies have it pretty rough.

C’mon guys, let’s get it together, okay?

Ladies, I apologize for all of us…