13 Movies That Bombed but Not in Fans’ Hearts

There are many ways to judge a movie’s success or failure, and only one of them has to do with box office receipts. Like with all creative media, it’s impossible for the studios and powers that be to guess, with 100% accuracy, what’s going to resonate with audiences.

Not to mention that there are plenty of examples of films through the decades that have flopped at the box office only to become beloved classics – or cult classics – somewhere down the road.

Here are 13 movies that are technically failures, but that have found their way into the hearts of thousands of viewers nonetheless.

13. This one was super fun.

If you’re into a cowboy romp, it’s got your covered.

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12. Fantasy elements can really make or break a film.

They obviously spent some money on this one.

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11. This movie made me rage.

But to each their own.

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10. It’s no Scream.

It’s not bad, though.

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9. These are facts.

I push it on everyone I know.

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8. This movie is legit amazing.

If you haven’t seen it, rectify that immediately.

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7. This one was super fun and under-loved.

The cast is something else, too.

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6. I’ve never even heard of this film.

But if that’s Jude Law, consider me in.

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5. If you’re into that sort of thing.

This picture alone is making me queasy.

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4. That checklist has me convinced.

Have you seen this one? Thoughts?

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3. We can all agree this has reached cult classic stage.

For Gen X, anyway.

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2. Not enough people saw this one.

I think the commenter nailed the reasons, too.

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1. I’m glad I’m not this guy’s friend.

Maybe I’m being too judgmental.

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I have tons of these flicks that aren’t “good” but are nonetheless great.

What’s your favorite underrated film? Share with us in the comments!