13 Nerdy Tattoo Memes to Make You Smile

Tattoos are serious business. A tattoo is a statement. It’s a work of art. It tells the world WHO you ARE.

But what to choose? The sword of Gryffindor? Captain America’s shield? Daniel Levy’s eyebrows? Oh, I can’t decide!

Until you’ve settled on he perfect tattoo from your favorite fandom, enjoy these 13 nerdy tattoos, to make you smile.

1. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve

No one will ever be able to tell him, “Get a life.”

Image Credit: Reddit

2. “Wa-hoo!”

How many coins is that worth?

Image Credit: Reddit

3. I don’t know what’s worse

The fact that this exists, or the fact that someone chose to put this on their body.

Image Credit: Reddit

4. Now this is funny

Gross, but funny.

Image Credit: Reddit

5. Hopeless is right

Romantic, not so much.

Image Credit: Reddit

6. Don’t you dare.

They’ll find out on their own. One day.

Image Credit: Reddit

7. I’m scared

Confused and scared.

Image Credit: Reddit

8. May I write you a check?

Please put down the potato peeler!

Image Credit: Reddit

9. What’s wrong with this guy?

He’s just a cute, wittle, chonky tiger.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. Now you see it

Now you don’t.

Image Credit: Reddit

11. You can never go wrong when you choose Pikachu

To be a piece of you.

Image Credit: Reddit

12. You’re missing a Mike.

Clearly this is incomplete…

Image Credit: Reddit

13. There he is

The best Mike of them all.

Image Credit: Reddit

The Pikachu tattoo is actually pretty cute. I would consider getting that one, and even the life hearts.

If your friend tells you they’re planning to tattoo words on their body, make sure they get someone to proofread before going under the needle.

Do you have a tattoo celebrating your favorite fandom? Tell us all about it in the comments!