13 People Admit What Immediately Makes Them Angry

I try not to let other drivers on the road annoy me, but when I see someone tailgating another car, it makes me flip my lid.

It’s SO stupid and SO dangerous.

Back off!

And that brings us to today’s question: what immediately makes you angry?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Out of my way.

“When people stop just inside/outside a doorway.

I generally do my best to avoid bumping into people.

But I’m 5’10” and 220lbs. I’m going to just start walking through people that stop in doorways.”

2. Yuck.

“People who knowingly lie about facts in order to create fear and confusion in order to gain some sort of power.”

3. Litterbugs.

“I H**E people who litter. H**E H**E H**E them.

Also people who throw trash out of their cars while driving can go to Hell.”

4. Nope.

“Corporate BS talks.

Like “We are family here”.. NO WE ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT.”

5. Please shut up.

“When two people talk to me at the same time.

This drives me NUTS.

Especially when it should be plainly evident to both of them that they’re both talking to me.”

6. Not cool.

“Being rude to someone that has absolutely no control over something.

For instance someone being rude to a waiter bc the restaurant is out of a certain item, or someone being rude to a cashier bc an item rang up a different price than they expected.

Those things p**s me off so bad.”

7. Sounds familiar…

“At work, not infrequently, I will say something and then what I’ve said will be repeated back to me by someone else like it was their idea.”

8. Agreed!

“People who tailgate when they can clearly see there’s a truck in front of you.

I can’t go any f**king faster when there’s already 10 cars in front of me which you can clearly see, dips**t.”

9. Not in the mood.

“I h**e being told about chores or problems early in the morning. If I haven’t had breakfast.

I’m in no mood to hear about any issues or problems going on. I just want to eat my breakfast in peace.”

10. Thief!

“When you say something funny, and someone else says the same joke but louder and gets the credit.”

11. Didn’t ask…

“People trying to tell me how to do my job and micromanage me when I don’t need the f**king “help” or “advice.”

I didn’t ask for any of that s**t.”

12. The worst.

“When somebody pulls out in front of me, close enough to make me brake then proceeds to go slower than me.”

13. Not interested.

“Somebody talking to me while I have my headphones on.


What immediately makes you angry?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!