13+ People Come up with One Question You Can Use to Get to Know Someone Better


In this day and age, everything moves quickly. That goes double for relationships of any kind – friendship, romantic, business – so it’s more important than ever not to waste your chance to ask questions when you get one. But what one question could get you the answers you want, and quick?

Well, these 15 people are here to weigh in with their advice – take it or leave it.

#15. If you had the money…

“If you had the money to quit working, what would you spend tomorrow doing?”

#14. A bit of humor never hurt anyone.

“Can I see your browsing history?”

#13. A more genuine answer.

“My boyfriend is an assistant manager at a bookstore. So when he is giving interviews for jobs, instead of asking someone what their favorite book is, he asks them what book did they hate. First of all no one ever expects that question, everyone is used being asked their favorites. So you get a more genuine answer instead of a scripted one. Also I think you can tell a lot from a person from what they dislike.”

#12. More interesting conversation.

“My hometown was small, but I enjoyed growing up there. How about you?”

Asking where they grew up and their experiences usually opens the door to a wider, more interesting conversation.”

#11. That told me a lot.

“When I was still dating my husband, I asked him: “If you could see one measurement or statistic over everyone’s heads, what would you want it to indicate?” And his answer was: “How happy they are.”

I feel like that told me a lot about the kind of person he is.”

#10. The dream…

“I ask about their dream vacation.”

#9. The absolute truth.

“If you could ask the universe one question and get the absolute truth, what would you want to know?”

#8. An intergalactic voyage.

“If you could take five non-replaceable personal artifacts on an intergalactic voyage, what would you take?”

#7. Quirky but fun. Also, don’t pick mine.

“What character do you use in Mario Kart?”

#6. Find their passion.

“What are you passionate about? I’m passionate about whiskey and distilling, but also about pushing others to find their passion.”

#5. What scares you?

“Maybe not the most important but definitely useful. I usually try to find out pretty early on if anything scares or weirds the person out. For example, I’d say something like “Man, I couldn’t get into (show) because I can’t stand seeing people bleed. It sucks when a little thing ruins the whole show for you.” They’ll usually respond with something like “Oh, right? I hated (other show) because I can’t handle creepy children! They just freak me out too much.” Then I mentally file that away for later so that I don’t decide on Creepy Children Attack 3 for our next movie night or outing. Nothing is an evening ruiner like putting on Moana when someone’s grandma just died or something.”

#4. What would you regret?

“If you were to die tomorrow what would you regret not having told someone?”

#3. I love this question.

“How do you spend your time? I love this question because “what do you do” is so work-centric, and many people don’t work (whether their choice or not).”

#2. Some drama.

“Ask them about their relationships with others in their lives (in general). If they say that everyone in their life is toxic and full of so much drama, then there is a good chance that they may come with some drama.”

#1. What would you choose?

“Once I read over there a ice breaking question: “If you have to choose between a well paid work in europe or going to mars, what would you choose?”

It seems a pretty stupid question, but if you focus in what questions the people ask back usually tells a lot of things. What they choose is not so important, but usually the people will start asking questions like:

But how dangerous is to go to mars?

Can I come back?

Can I have children and a family in mars?

Can I take my dog with me?

For how long is the work?

How much I will be making?

How many hours/days I have to work?

Its a good work? What I have to do?

And that questions tells a lof about if they are focused on family, on work, if they are adeventoruos, if they already have a life plan established and a lot of things – just try to read between the lines.”