13+ People Confess to the Thing That Makes Them a Loser

Image Credit: Pixabay

Okay, so maybe they’re not losers, but these 15 things are loser-ish. And let’s face it, we’ve all got that nerdy, loser-ish thing that we can’t stop doing.

Embrace it, I say. Crocheting for life!

#15. 100% more relaxing.

“Every day on my lunch break at work I take my lunch to the stairwell and just sit by the window on the top floor and watch youtube videos while I eat . It may be loser-ish but it’s also 100% more relaxing then listening to people loudly talking in the break room.”

#14. Play video games.

“Play videogames instead of worrying about my future”

#13. All the ideas.

“I add ideas to my Wedding Pinterest Board. I’m not in a relationship, nor engaged.”

#12. Alone in my house.

“Act out conversations with people…alone in my house.”

#11. At least 5 hours a day.

“I spend at least 5 hours a day watching meme compilations and gaming videos. Sometimes I won’t even be watching them. I’ll have them playing in the background as I work. I swear to god I know like every single Vine by heart.”

#10. My precalc teacher.

“go to tutoring everyday because my precal teacher is honestly one of the only people i relate to”

#9. It stung.

“There was a shop that offered to rent rooms by the hour for games. Good for groups of four or six since they offered interactive motion detect games like Just Dance. The console was put at the top middle of the room so it could project the image in the entire surface of a wall. Imagine an enclosed room and an entire section of the wall was the game. It was fun playing with people. I asked my friends out to play there many times but they always had some excuse so I decided to go there alone and enjoy it.​

The look the girl gave me when she learned I was renting the room by myself stung. Normally I don’t pay attention to those kind of things. In my mind, I’m here to have fun and I’m not bothering people but still, that look she gave me made me self-conscious. I spent my hour there and never came back.”

#8. I hate small talk so much.

“You have no idea how many times I’ve pretended I’ve never met someone with the hopes that they would pretend they never met me too. I hate small talk so much. It’s worked more than half the time.”

#7. Real life.

“Cry over fictional characters more than I cry over my own real life scenarios.”

#6. A dinosaur Instagram page.

“Im 19 and i run a dinosaur instagram page”

#5. Nothing better to do.

“I work weekends because I have nothing better to do. At least I’m making money”

#4. I literally sit at home.

“I moved to a new city three months ago and I have 0 friends herel, so I literally sit at home alone every single Friday and Saturday night.”

#3. To unwind.

“I love to drink alone. I have a family, I have friends, I’m more than happy to go out and hang with them, but I also like to just chill by myself and have a few drinks to unwind. I usually watch a movie, listen to music, or read, and just unwind.”

#2. Mommy dearest.

“I’m 36, single, child-free (prefer it that way), live with my mother (She had a stroke a few years ago, so I came back to help out). Last year she had a blood clot in her leg that freaked us out. She asks me to quit my job so I could be here full time with her. I did.

Now I have no job, no money, and rely on my mother to pay my bills. Since my mom is mostly independent (She can’t drive anymore, but can get around with the help of her cane or wheelchair), I have a ton of time on my hands, so I just play video games all day when I’m not doing house work.”

#1. League of Legends.

“I’m 29 and I play League of Legends. And I honestly prefer making some coffee and nachos, putting on some music in the background, and just jamming on a Friday night playing League while just hanging out on my own.

I feel like a loser explaining this haha.”

Love yourself, friends. Loser-y tendencies and all.