11 People Confess What One Thing They’re Glad They Never, Ever Have to Do Again

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My answer to this question would be, “be 9 months pregnant,” though “painting cabinets” comes in a very close second.

Everyone has their own thing (or things) they loathe doing so much they’ll never acquiesce to doing it again.

But you may not have considered the 11 below.

#11. Two weeks in a call center

“I worked for two weeks in a call center and the entire time I spent staring at my desk. I did this for ten hours a day because the company president was out of the office and they refused to get me setup with a password or let me browse the web etc etc.

After two weeks, I came back the following Monday, started my day and then with nothing changing, I just walked out of the building and went home. My car was broken down at the time, so it took several hours to get home.

Glad that is over and done with. No way I’ll ever work in another call center.”

#10. Sucking the energy from my soul

“Working in a restaurant.

I spent ten years of my life in that business both serving and managing. Fives years and 40k in debt later, I finally just started my new career.

No offense to anyone that works in the industry or truly loves it, but I came to despise the hospitality business. I could feel it sucking the energy from my soul..

Edit: For everyone asking, my 40k in debt is from tuition costs after earning my engineering degree, not from working in restaurants.

It’s the best money I have ever spent.”

#9. Never again

“I carry a Taser for work. In order to pass certification, I had to take an exposure (get Tasered).

Never again.”

#8. PTSD

“I worked as a nurse for a psych hospital with no f**king security.

I got PTSD from all he fights i had to get into.

I’m still a psych nurse, but it’s much better.”

#7. The real heroes

“Night shifts.

To you out there doing it now, you’re the real heroes of the night.”

#6. I’ll never look back

“Being addicted to heroin and being homeless.

I’m 2 years clean with a family of my own and a place to call home.

I left that life and I’ll never look back.”

#5. Soul crushing

“I did ten years in a grocery store. It was soul crushing. I remember on my last day standing by the time clock with the people clocking in. When I clocked out for the last time I told them all I did not work there anymore and said my goodbyes. It was such a good feeling going to my car and driving away knowing I never had to go back.

Edit: For the people asking if I ever went back to shop there I did not. I live in a major city and the store was on the other side of the city. I go a store closer to my house. I got a civil service job and sometimes came by when I was on duty. I did work there ten years and I spent ten years working with some of the same people. I did keep in touch with a lot of people for a number of years after I worked there and it was nice just to stop by and talk with them again.

I worked there to pay for my college degrees and the pay and benefits were good and it was a flexible schedule.”

#4. But damn

“Serving as a nuclear reactor operator in the U.S. Navy.

Cool job. Gave me lots of opportunities. But damn.”

#3. Sh*t

“I used to work in this absolute s**t medical job.

It was the absolute worst because there wasn’t a single good thing about it. The people I worked with were s**t, the people I interacted with were s**t.

You could go into that place at 5am happy as can be and leave the place after 6 failed bathroom noose’ings just to try again the next day.

When I put in my 2 weeks those feelings amped up to 11. It was like everyone who was s**t the entire time I was there decided it wasn’t enough and leaned into it.

Like you got a heaven pass to leave hell and all the demons were pissed that you’re getting out and they have to stay behind so they claw at you the whole way out in hopes that you die before you leave.

F**k hospitals, man.”

#2. A done dissertation

“My dissertation.

I would never want to do that again.

The only good dissertation is a done dissertation.”

#1. Here’s hoping

“Hubby went through chemo.

Said if cancer happens again, he wouldn’t do chemo or fight it. But then he remembered he had kids, and was on the fence.

Here’s to hoping you don’t go through it again.”

First off… here’s to moving on. Because sometimes that’s the best thing to do. Bigger and better… buh bye past life!

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