13 People Describe How Old They Are Without Using Their Age

Image Credit: Twitter

Last week, I tweeted that I was “one of my girlfriends (named Karen) just lamented the closing of a local Olive Garden” years old.”

That’s just one example of how one could describe their age without giving away the exact number, and honestly, there are people out there doing it with way snappier humor than me.

If you’re up for that, here are 13 people who had some pretty hilarious takes.

13. It’s how we saw the Challenger explode.

I’m willing to bet under-funded districts still use these.

12. We never did feel very sorry for those ducks, huh.

I guess maybe violent video games doesn’t make you a murderer.

11. This is the eating area of a Taco Bell, my friends.

It distracted you from the lack of cleanliness.

10. That game was impossible.

Don’t try to tell me it wasn’t.

9. We admit the skipping was a problem.

The CD, not school. The latter wasn’t a problem, per say.

8. Just this picture gave me nostalgia.

I can almost smell it.

7. These seemed like miracles.

Colorful, pocked-sized miracles.

6. They were seriously so cool, too.

We were shocked and awed.

5. We all know nothing has changed beneath the surface, right?

Man, that slide burned the crap out of your legs.

4. No, we’re not talking about the television show.

We’re talking about your FUTURE, JESSICA.

3. You think we like cereal this much for another reason?

There were TOYS.

2. This seems like it was a brief moment in time.

It was annoying, not sorry it’s gone.

1. To be fair, these shows are still on PBS Kids.

The new ones aren’t as good, though.

I think I could ballpark most of these people’s ages, couldn’t you?

Give your own age-without-the-number a shot in the comments!