13 People Discuss Things That Are Socially Acceptable but Really Shouldn’t Be

It’s kind of weird in our society what some people think is socially acceptable and what isn’t?

For instance, some people really and truly believe that smoking marijuana is about the worst thing a person can do, but getting black-out drunk and causing all kinds of trouble is no big deal.

I don’t really partake in either, but I can say that I’ve never seen any of my friends or even random folks do anything destructive or violent after they smoked a little weed…but it still has that stigma around it for some folks.

What is socially acceptable but really shouldn’t be?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Way too much alcohol.

“When I was in college I realized at one point that the amount I was drinking was really quite unhealthy.

I thought it was normal cause it’s college and it’s fun and that’s what people do, but looking back I cringe at what I was probably going to my liver.

I’m glad I had fun in college though, and I certainly didn’t go as hard as some people, but we definitely are more okay with heavy drinking as a society then we should be.”

2. Ummm…never?

“Asking people when they’re going to have children.

It’s such an invasive question, and one that has many potentially awkward answers.”

3. Stop asking me that.

“Telling someone to smile.

Thanks to this pandemic I don’t feel forced to please people anymore.”

4. Such a lame excuse.

“Getting bullied in school because “boys will be boys”.

That isn’t a general quote btw, that is what my principal said to my dad when we all had a meeting because I was being bullied a lot.”

5. Put it down for a while.

“Looking at your phone while on a date, or out with friends at a restaurant.

It makes me feel like I’m competing with their phone for their attention.

Phone wins 95% of the time.”

6. Drives me INSANE.

“Using your phone on speaker in a public setting.

Like a bus or in a crowded room.”

7. Disrespectful.

“Throwing cigarette butts everywhere.

I know, you would not think that it is socially acceptable. But everywhere you go there are cigarette butts everywhere. And people tossing them out of cars.

I don’t get it and it’s so disrespectful and stupid.”

8. Maybe it’s time to change?

“The tips system for food services.

Just pay your d*mn employees, don’t make us have the guilt of paying your employees so they can live, Barbara.”

9. Very rude.

“Openly commenting on a persons weight with an entitled attitude to tell them what they need to do with their body.

I’ve been naturally and happily slender my entire life, however brought up in a culture where bigger is beautiful, and I’ve never once asked for anyone’s advice or comments regarding my body.

It would be nice for people to focus on themselves and have more educated conversations.”

10. Pretty odd.

“Gender reveal parties.

I think they’re stupid, unnecessary, and a big ego boost for the people throwing it.

I miss the old days where you can just ask someone what the gender of the baby is as opposed to having to wait for months for some “unique” way to pop pink or blue confetti.”

11. Sit there and take it.

“Not being able to stand up to rude customers just because the company is afraid to lose business.

I understand that it’s one thing to be rude to a customer, but you should be able to verbally defend yourself against rude customers.

Establishments just expect you sit there and accept the disrespect as if people can’t be affected by words.”

12. For the love of God.

“Going on “missionary” trips to poor countries with your church group to take pictures and come home to give seminars and speeches to your group about how you’re “doing God’s work.””

13. Bad behavior.

“Excusing bad behavior with things like:

“Boys will be boys”

“Kids will be kids”

“They’re just having fun”

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