13+ People Dish on the One Thing They’ll Never Agree with Their Parents About

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For many people, our relationships with our parents can be tough to navigate for any number or reasons. Even if your relationship with your parents is good, there are still bound to be things you disagree about (the number of dogs one rescues, for example, ahem).

You might see your issue on the list below or you might not, but either way, you’ll know you’re not alone!

#15. So many worries.

“I keep telling my parents that they need to loosen up on my younger sister and let her go out more. I tell them that when she goes to college they’re not going to be able to look after her anymore and she’s not going to know how to navigate that, and they keep saying “well we’ll deal with that when we get to it” and “you’ve never raised a kid before so how would you know”.

Like, the girl graduates in a year and she’s still never been to real party. Going out with her friends is a battle every single time. She never gets to stay out past 9 or 10. My parents act like they’re sending her out into the hood when she goes out, when really we live in one of the safest, most affluent areas in the state.

She’s a very intelligent person but I worry about how she’s going to be when she gets to college, and I worry that she’s going to grow up to resent our parents.”

#14. They have saved my life.

“My parents think antidepressants are dangerous and unnecessary and it’s super sad I have to be on them.

I, on the other hand, am extremely grateful as they have saved my life and helped me to be a much happier person.”

#13. 2018 problems.


#12. That might change.

“I dont think tattoos have to mean anything to you. My dad disagrees.

But im also a dumb teenager so that might change.”

#11. He’s always been a fearful man.

“My father keeps being paranoid that the telecom will disconnect his antiquated landline, which he’s had for 43 years, because I have a charges dispute with them on a completely separate account of my own. I keep telling him we’re completely separate legal persons and they can’t do that without violating a whole bunch of regulations, but he’s always been a fearful man so it’s just his fearfulness acting up at random.”

#10. I’ve had enough.

“My mom can’t seem to agree that her being shit-faced drunk 24/7 is a good reason for me to not want to talk to her.

I’m also 27, engaged, and far away from her. Grew up dealing with her alcoholism for 16 years, so I’ve had enough.”

#9. Different kinds of people.

“Cleanliness. I’m more of a “disorganized but It doesn’t matter if I know where everything is” kind of person when she’s more of a “if I see a tiny spec of dirt, you’re dead” kind of person.”

#8. Before marriage.

“Pre-marital sex and living together before marriage.”

#7. I just don’t want it.

“My mom insists I need to have a Christian funeral. I’m agnostic. Not a child either, so it’s not like I’m trying to be edgy. I just don’t want a funeral pretending to celebrate something I don’t believe in.”

#6. The only person who notices it is me.

“How fucking lazy my sister is. It’s like the only person who notices it is me. All she does every single day is sit on her ass, playing video games, while eating junk food. She pays no rent or bills, doesn’t do ANY chores, even her own laundry. Yet, they think she’s the most perfect angel in the world who does no wrong.”

#5. Grr.

“Homosexuality. They think it’s aberrant behavior.”

#4. But damn.

“I’m sure this answer will be common here, but videogames. I’m an independent 20-something and videogames are my number one passion. Parents always ask me if I’ll ever stop playing games and make massive eye-rolls when they see I just bought a new game or console or whatever. When I tell them I will probably never stop playing videogames, their reply is always a condescending “huh” like saying “you’ll stop playing when you really grow up, even if don’t know it yet”.

I have a stable job, pay my own rent, have a girlfriend, friends, etc. Normal 20s life.

I finally understood that in their mind they really do believe that videogames are exclusively things for children. They also think the same of animated stuff and anime, things I also enjoy and that my mom actively makes fun of.

I LOVE my parents. They are the best parents in the world. But damn are they especially short-sighted in this.”

#3. My family is very religious.

“I’m an agnostic and when I told my grandma, she said I lost my final reward, even if she treats us like slaves and barks orders and criticizes me at any possible chance. My cousin had a baby and the baby is ten months old and not baptized yet, which they think is because she cant afford it (which she can’t) over the fact maybe her and her boyfriend might not want her to get her baptized, since they never really go to church or do anything remotely religious. Even if her family does, you need parental approval to do it. My family is very religious, unfortunately, and I know once I have a kid, it’s going to be them breathing down my neck to baptize them, even if I think that’s something you should decide for yourself.”

#2. Do it.

“Legalization of marijuana.”

#1. She wasn’t too pleased.

“Both of my parents worked one job for the entire career. Nearly 35 years each. At. The. Same. Job. I’m 27 and have had multiple jobs in my field. I used to work alot in startups before switching to running my own business fulltime. My mom’s first question was always “how long have they been in business”. She wasn’t too pleased when I would reply with “4 months” or “15 minutes””

Make sure to take notes for raising your own kiddos. Pass it on and all that.