13+ People Give You Advice That Could Save Your Life…In a Very Specific Scenario

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Confronted by wolves? Trapped in a car underwater? There seems to be a “simple” trick to get one out of most deadly situations, if only you had a way to file them all away…

Oh, right, you do. Welcome to Reddit, my friends.

#15. You want to know which it is.

“If you or someone you are with ingests a chemical they aren’t supposed to and you aren’t sure what it will do to you, don’t immediately try to throw it up. Call poison control.

Some do more damage coming back up and diluting them by drinking lots of water is better. You want to know which it is before you start shoving fingers down your throat.

I was told a story of a child who ingested some type of drain clearing chemical during nap time in a daycare because the janitor left it out and this kid was little and little kids are kind of stupid. The teacher was able to find info on the cleaner in the supply closet (thanks OSHA) and had the kid chug water while the ambulance came. She would have killed him if she induced vomiting because it would have destroyed his esophagus coming back up. Something about how it reacted to stomach acid.

That always stuck with me. Also, don’t leave draino out around little kids.”

#14. Don’t take it out.

“If you ever get stabbed, shot with an arrow, and or impaled by something, don’t take it out. Leaving it in could mean the difference between bleeding out and being able to make it to a hospital.”

#13. Look for the exits.

“Look for the exits in airplanes. The majority of people that survive a crash claimed they purposefully always look for exits when boarding.”

#12. No gifts, please.

“If you ever find yourself in jail, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ACCEPT ANYTHING AS A “GIFT”. This includes: pop tokens, food, bedding, water, a fucking a square of tissue paper.

The person giving you this is working you and will see you as someone ‘in their pocket’. Expect any act of kindness in jail as an attempt to work you or con you. Nothing in jail is free. No matter how nice or how innocent the person comes across, do not take anything or accept any favor from anyone.

Jail sucks, but it sucks more when you’re in the pocket of a professional inmate. You’ll be under incredible risk of being forced to do things you don’t want.

Source: worked at a jail and saw multiple people get worked by professional inmates”

#11. Double the fun.

“If you get caught in a rip tide or a current and pulled out into the ocean, swim parallel to shore until you’re far enough away from that spot to have escaped it, then swim for shore. Also, learn the sidestroke. If you find yourself stranded in open water for whatever reason, you can swim for hours without tiring yourself out using the sidestroke.

If someone ever has both hands on your throat, put your forearms between theirs and press them apart until they let go. Also, if you can grab their pinky and yank it in any unnatural direction, you control the whole hand. If you have to hit someone with your head, hit them with the hard part just between your forehead and the top of your head so you don’t hurt yourself.”

#10. Stay loud and aggressive.

“If coyotes begin harassing you in the woods, stay loud and aggressive until you can walk to safety. They wont risk an injury unless they are weak and starving.”

#9. Drop to the ground immediately.

“If you wake up in the middle of the night and your house is on fire…drop to the ground immediately! That first breath of heated smoke can be enough to drop a person for good. Smoke detectors save lives people. Source: former firefighter.”

#8. Don’t move them.

“If you fall through the ice and can reach the surface but can’t climb out, place your arms out on the ice and don’t move them. The cold will freeze your sleeves to the ice, and your sleeves will help hold you out of the water in case you pass out.”

#7. Put it in milk.

“If you get a tooth knocked out, don’t put it on ice to take to the hospital- put it in milk. Also if you get a body part severed, put it in a bag and then put the bag on ice; don’t put the body part directly in the ice.”

#6. Stop moving.

“If you get lost in nature, stop moving. Don’t try to find your way out. You will only move farther away from where the search for you will start.

Once you’ve stopped start building a shelter then start a fire if you can. Spend the rest of the time you have collecting things to burn without ever losing site of your fire. Even if it’s hot, fire will keep animals Away at night and will make it easier for you to be spotted.”

#5. When you poke it with a stick.

“A startled armadillo will leap straight up with a surprising amount of force. Don’t be leaning over one when you poke it with a stick.”

#4. The one-rein stop.

“If you ever find yourself on a horse that is out of control – pull one rein so that it’s head is all the way around, touching your foot/it’s shoulder. A horse can not buck, bolt or rear in this stance – it can run madly in a tight circle but it will tire and stop eventually. Plenty of stories of people going on tourist riding trips, or rented horses at weddings, or guided trail rides where a horse spooks or loses it and someone’s just hanging on for dear fucking life. It’s called a one-rein stop. It could save your life.”

#3. Don’t think.

“Drowning doesn’t always look like drowning. It’s not like in the movies where people flail around and shit, sometimes they just go under and drown. It can be anti-climactic so don’t think that because someone isn’t panicking they aren’t drowning.”

#2. The second place they take you.

“If someone tries to kidnap you DO NOT let them transport you….fight, scratch, die bc if you don’t, the second place they take you will be much worse.”

#1. Roll down the window.

“If you drive your car into a body of water and start sinking you most likely wont be able to open the door but quickly roll down the window and you can get out. I had a friend die bc she did not know this. Its a life tip I wish I didn’t have to learn through her passing.”