13+ People Identify a Trend From Their Childhood They Thought Would Be Relevant Forever

Image Credit: AOL

As a child of the 80s and 90s, I think I can safely say that I never believed any of our fashion trends were going to be popular forever…and I’m sure glad my mother’s bright idea of perming only my bangs lasted a few short years. That said, these 13+ people had some different ideas on what they thought would always be around…and boy, were they wrong.

#15. Too complicated?

“Bionicles. The company was doing financially well too those things sold like hot cakes. But the Lego company shut it down cause they feared that the bionicle lore was too complicated for a child to understand. Like WTH Lego!”

#14. I could not have imagined.

“MSN messenger… I could not have imagined a better way to communicate. Spent hours chatting with crushes in grade 7.”

#13. I never would have thought.

“Blockbuster, I never would have thought..”

#12. A natural part of life.

“Baggy jeans over skinny jeans. I should have realized that jean fluctuation is a natural part of life.”

#11. Add more passion.

Spin art. Attach the paper to the turntable with walls, add paint, spin, add more paint, add more passion. I had HUNDREDS.

#10. Thank goodness.

“I remember going to a sewing class in the late 80’s and the teacher telling us “shoulder pads will never go out of fashion now, they are so flattering we will never stop using them”. Boy, was she wrong!!”

#9. It’s just gone.

“Cool-looking WordArt on Microsoft word. As a kid I played around with that shit all the time and now it’s just gone.”

#8. Nope.

“I remember going to the arcade and thinking “arcades are going to be so cool in 20 years, I bet the games are going to be amazing”.


edit: I have been lucky enough to visit a giant arcade in Japan, I swear the thing was the size of a Walmart, amazing experience… South Korea had some great arcades in 2004, but when I went back in 2008 I could only find one in COEX I think

edit2: Oh and I used to think I was pretty good at Tekken…. I could easily beat everyone in my dormitory. But in Asia? Double nope.”

#7. I’m pretty sure they still are.

“I thought those four-color pens would be popular forever.”

#6. I remember spending ages.

“Myspace…. I remember spending ages customizing my page, with music and pics and all those clunky flashing gifs haha.”

#5. Never would have believed it.

“I never thought the guitar hero series would ever fail.”

#4. Not once did I think.

“Not that long ago, but not once did I think the classic Blackberry would die out. My friends used to laugh at people with touchscreens. How times have changed.”

#3. Nothing lasts forever.

“Not only was MTV cool, but through a lot of the 1990s it almost seemed like the arbiter of cool. I guess nothing lasts forever.”

#2. Replaced with superheroes.

When I was a kid (early 00’s) everything used to be spy related. I remember I had toys like ‘spy glasses’ (they had green lenses) or ‘spy headset’ (it was just some earphones with a mic). And there was a whole trend of movies especially for kids like Spy Kids or Agent Cody Banks and such.
There are still some spy-themed things but I think they’ve mostly been replaced with superheroes.”

#1. Bonus points.

The RAZR phone was the epitome of sleek. Bonus points if you had a pink one.

Whew, that was some trip down memory lane!