13+ People Muse on Which Actors are Most Like the Characters They Portray

Photo Credit: CBS

It’s funny sometimes, how actors can start to resemble the characters they portray, especially if they play the same one for a long time. But it’s sort of like the chicken and the egg — did they start to resemble the character, or was it the other way around?

These 15 people have some ideas on that, and, once you read through this list, you’ll probably have some of your own, too.

#15. I love every second of it

“I feel like Jack Black just plays himself in every role… and I love every second of it.”

#14. Sadly

“Charlie Sheen in Two and A Half Men.”

#13. Actually crazy

“Jack Nicholson. The guy is actually crazy. That’s the reason he is one of the greatest actors to walk the earth.”

#12. Can confirm

“Vince Vaughn in every comedy movie he’s been in. My sister dated him IRL and can confirm.”

#11. The Dude

“Jeff Bridges as “the dude” in The Big Lebowski.”

#10. A perfect Dr. Malcolm

“Jeff Goldblum only plays Jeff Goldblum. The jazzy voice, the wit, the playful banter. And honestly, I just read Jurassic Park for the 9th time a few weeks ago, he was a perfect Dr. Malcolm.”

#9. In basically anything

“Seth Rogen in basically anything.”

#8. For the past 20 years

“My brother and I are convinced that Johnny Depp has just been playing himself for the past 20 years.”

#7. It boggles the mind

“How is Larry David not on this list yet?”

#6. A tad too well

“George Clooney often just plays the handsome billionaire in a suit.

Also maybe Jake Gyllenhaal, I have a hunch there’s a reason why he can play creepy a tad too well.”

#5. A role just for him

“Terry Crews is pretty much is Terry Jeoffards in Brooklyn 99.”

#4. Makes you want to be her friend, doesn’t it?

“Aubrey Plaza / April Ludgate.”

#3. I can’t clearly say.

“Robert Downey Junior

I can’t clearly say if Tony Stark plays RDJ or RDJ plays Tony Stark.”

#2. In real life.

“Richard Ayoade is Maurice Moss in real life. Actually, he is more Maurice Moss than Maurice Moss is.”

#1. Ever since the election.

“I feel like Chris Evans has slowly been turning into Steve Rogers ever since the election.”