13 People Open About Life Lessons That Everybody Should Know

Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep moving forward.

That’s what we all try to do, but at some point we all get a little bogged down with the “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” game.

Yes, even you do it once in a while.

Do you feel like there are things in life you wish you’d known about earlier?

AskReddit users talked about lessons they think they learned too late in life.

1. Run!

“If anyone says you’re their best friend within the first 30 days of meeting them, they’re either a liar or a train wreck.”

2. Pretty true.

“I can do it myself.

Now that we’re in the digital age, I learned how to change my windshield wipers, trim my rabbit’s nails, repair screen windows, replace my sub pump, ect. I always felt like I missed out learning hands-on thing because my dad checked out early.

N’ah, girl, you can do that sh*t on your own!”

3. Amen!

“Being alone is less lonely than being married to the wrong person.”

4. Avoid them.

“People who can frame everything to make themselves the victim are actually pretty toxic and most likely are the actual problem.”

5. For the most part…

“That other people don’t care what you think. They’re more worried about themselves, and you aren’t the first thing on their priority list.

Could’ve saved so many headaches if I knew this years ago.”

6. Gotta live your own life.

“That the disappointment of your parents will be far shorter lived than the unhappiness you’ll endure by trying to make your life fit their perfect picture.”

7. No one has a clue.

“That EVERYONE is making it up as they go along.

Your teacher, parents, pastor, Army Generals, CEO’s, everyone. No one has 100% true answers.

However, success in life IS about being decisive. Get enough information to make an intelligent decision then confidently act on it.

Others will THINK you have all the answers.”

8. Go for it!

“You have to take chances sometimes, and although it can be scary and outside your comfort zone, you’ll never know what could’ve been unless you go for it.”

9. It’s okay to fail.

“Its okay to fail. That’s how we learn.

I used to be so afraid of failing that I never tried.”

10. You’ll learn a lot from them.

“Listen to your grandparents’ stories and ask them as many questions as you can about their lives and family history, etc.

All 4 of mine passed when I was too young to truly appreciate any of the above.”

11. You deserve it!

“That I am capable of success.

I spent so long doubting myself and not doing things because I didn’t think I could.”

12. No begging.


Not in words, nor in actions.

I’ve never begged verbally, but I absolutely have through actions. Staying with people through them being completely sh*tty to me, allowing them to choose other people over me repeatedly. Allowing them to take advantage of me and always going back.. I wish I gave half a sh*t about myself back then.

Oh, the time and heartache I would’ve saved myself if I’d truly known better.”

13. Can’t do it for them.

“You can’t really help people who don’t truly want to help themselves.

Unless a person realizes, admits, and is receptive to being helped and helping him/her/itself, you’re just wasting your energy and probably adding to your own stress.”

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Do you feel like you learned any important life lessons too late in the game?

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