15 People Pontificate on What Behaviors, Exactly, Assert “I Am Upper Class”

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We all have different experience in life, and different idea of other people’s experiences – but for much of the 99%, these 15 things definitely signal that someone is upper class.

Take a read and you let us know what makes you feel super jelly about not having anywhere close to this much money.

Let the envy begin!

15. Canadian Goose.

Dressing your 5 year old in a Canadian goose jacket.

This is in Chicago, btw.

14. Two kitchens.

Having a butler’s pantry.

You just have two kitchens, admit you are rich.

13. What’s Birmingham?

Asking questions like “What’s Birmingham?” (UK edition)

12. Why yes of course.

Rich: having a s**tload of money to throw around and vacation time to spare

Upper class: when you meet other upper class people and you say that your last name is “X” and they, “Oh why yes of course. You are the son/daughter of..”

11. On a Tuesday.

Sitting on your boat, on a Tuesday.

In water, of course. Sitting on your boat in the driveway on a Tuesday, is middle class.

Edit* Thanks for the Silver and Gold! Now I can go get a boat and sit on it next Tuesday, in the water!

10. What they leave behind.

I work in a private school with international boarding students.

At the end of each school year, students leave behind computers, gaming systems, apple watches, designer clothes, etc.

They just … leave it.

9. Being offhand.

Being offhand about things that are very expensive for the plebeians.

I’ve found that many rich people are less obnoxious about showing off wealth than are people who are almost “rich” that feel they have to match up to people who make more than they do.

8. The 1%.

I grew up attending private school in a developing country. Majority of my classmates were in the 1% of the country.

These are some of my observations.

  • Connections : You’re visiting a foreign country? Friends’ parents know the now ambassador to said country from back in the day. You arrive in the airport and you’re picked up by a caravan of black Suburbans.
  • You don’t visit people’s “houses”. You visit their estate (Fincas).
  • You know that famous building/plaza/national park? Yeah it’s named after so-so’s grandfather.
  • Their family owns <Professional Sports Team>, <National Newspaper>, and <National Television Channel>.

A few more.

  • Our school’s soccer/football tournament final was held in the country’s National stadium. Money can’t do that.
  • Family members of classmates are presidential candidates going up against family members of other classmates. A few became the eventual president. We got a lot of free stickers, shirts and pens.
  • Most had private drivers and maids. I’d go over my friend’s place and he’d ask me if there was anything I’d want to eat. The chef could make it. I always asked for spaghetti because they’d serve it with real Parmesan cheese and I never had that in my life and it was impossible to get in the country at the time.
  • Friend of miner’s family owned an airline. He’d have Big Macs flown over from Miami once a week. There was and there still is no McDonald’s in the country. He would let me take a bite.
  • Powerful families marry each other. Someone I know married a Joe Schmo. She pretty much got excommunicated from the family… Until she had kids. They’re back in it but the husband is not spoken about.

7. Using ‘summer’ as a verb.

Using “summer” as a verb, especially with the prepositional phrase “in the Hamptons”.

6. We live comfortably.

I come from a rather wealthy family and i’v noticed a pattern.

They never say their rich, they always say the exact same phrase!

“We live comfortably” every time.

5. By Queen Mary.

Living on an estate granted to your family by Queen Mary.

4. Folks who did this.

Pulling up perfectly beautiful $100,000 floors to put in different $100,000 floors.

I worked for folks who did this.

3. The grounds.

Calling your yard “the grounds”.

2. True wealth.

Wearing tailor fitted custom clothes.

True wealth don’t mess with labels and all the things lower class folks try to prove worth by wearing.

1. You should have just asked us.

My brother’s friend stole his Grandma’s credit card and racked up $2500 in charges on it towards various X-Box store s**t like Fortnite and Forza currency and a bunch of pre-orders on new games.

I was like wow, he must have gotten that X-box taken away and was probably murdered shortly after?

My brother told me all that they told the kid was ‘you should have just asked us’.

Upper class bulls**t.

Do you agree? I have to say that I’m finding it hard to argue!