13+ People Prove a Thing Doesn’t Have to Be Illegal to Be Addictive

Image Credit: Pixabay

Not that this is exactly news, but you can be addicted to things that are perfectly legal. Nicotine and caffeine are the obvious examples, but for people with addictive personalities, anything and everything might be on the table.

#15. Diabetes is no joke.

“Sugar addiction.”

#14. It’s easy to forget about this.


#13. I’m definitely not going to try that.

“Chocolate lava cake from Domino’s.”

#12. Really?

“Cleaning my ears. It’s a drug.”

#11. This has to be common.


#10. Digital crack.

“Factorio is my legal drug of choice.

On the subreddit we joke that it’s like digital crack but they’re not too far off. There’s a great free demo to get you hooked too, similar to a drug dealer giving you that first gram for free – knowing you’ll come back for more.”

#9. Bingeing.

“Binge watching Hell’s Kitchen just to see Gordon Ramsey yell.”

#8. Help me.

“Fingernail biting. Help me lol.”

#7. A little honesty.

“i’ve come onto my alt account to answer this since i find it embarrassing, but if i’m going to be honest it’s masturbation. I do it at least once a day and sometimes twice a day, and I’ve been trying to stop for like a whole year now but my longest ever streak was 2 days. that’s actually been my longest for the past 2 or 3 years. when I got to those 2 days though i felt really good and i’m still trying to get at the very least 1 week.”

#6. When sleep won’t come…


#5. Don’t cold turkey it.


Quit last year for medical reasons, had to use a medication that required me to cease caffeine use, and I haven’t used it regularly since.

I still get cravings for it whenever I get a headache because it works so good for them.

If you ever have to stop caffeine, don’t cold turkey it. Caffeine withdrawal is hell.”

#4. I’m dreaming about it right now.


#3. You and my dad.

“Diet coke.”

#2. Hello, America.

“Eating like shit.”

#1. I just love the taste.

“Energy drinks. I don’t drink them for the caffeine, I just always happen to love the taste of them. There is just something that sets their flavor apart from regular carbonated beverages with caffeine.”

For some people, addiction is everywhere.