15 People Share the ‘Fun’ Thing They’ll Never Do Again

Photo Credit: Pixabay

You know, those things – your friends try to convince you for days and weeks that they’re super fun and you should just try it, even though you know deep down that there’s no way you’re going to enjoy them at all.

Well, these 13+ people knew it going in, and they were right. Not that “I told you so” was much comfort in the end.

#15. Straight down drops.

“Those tall-ass water slides with straight down drops. Felt like my back was getting ripped open every time I went over a seam in the plastic. Fuck that, man.”

#14. Far too expensive.


Not that it wasn’t fun, I enjoyed it. But it was far, far too expensive for me to ever do again.

Edit: I’m seeing a lot of posts on the cost. It was $200 for me, but for how much I enjoyed it I don’t think I’d be willing to pay over $40ish to go again.

Right now my fiancee and I are fixing our house, so the idea of spending more than $30 on a few minutes of fun is just not happening. I’d rather spend $3 to gain access to the public park and go disc golfing.

I know skydiving is the best thing ever for some people, it’s not to me. Hence posting in this thread!”

#13. Puppy love.

“Raise puppies.

Long story short, adopted a dog that turned out to be pregnant. My wife and I had little choice but to let her whelp in our 400SF apartment.

She had seven little potatoes for pups (we even named them after varieties of potatoes). They were all really cute. Take how cute one puppy is and multiply it by 7, the math really does work that way.

However, they were…

Expensive (food and vet bills)
We didn’t volunteer to do this the first time, but we’d definitely never volunteer to do it again.

P.S. All the pups found homes and as far as I know are all doing really well. Mom still lives with us. 🙂

edit: It was requested that I post names. Here’s a pic captioned for your cute puppy fix”

#12. A NYC parade.

“I haven’t seen this in any thread yet: a New York City parade (of any type).

NYC has multiple parades throughout the year: Puerto Rican Day, Columbus Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, etc. They shut down whole avenues, creating traffic nightmares. But hey, it’s all for spectating fun, right?


Especially since 9/11, these events are more tightly controlled by police than ever. Combined with the extra population in NYC and my non-tall height, parades are a crowded mess where I can’t see or enjoy what goes by. People stand eight deep at the sidewalk. Tall buildings make amplified music from the floats deafening. Passage along the street is extremely slow. Crossing the parade is nearly impossible– one parade I went to required me to walk nearly 2 miles north, through Central Park away from the parade, only to wait in a holding area in 95F heat for 45 minutes while we begged the cops to let us cross. Nope, don’t care.

So many people think that New Years Eve in Times Square is a dream event! Let me tell you, they put you in a barricaded area which fills up by mid-afternoon. Because of security, you can’t walk around, you stay in that cage. You also can’t bring your own backpack of drinks or anything else. If you leave (e.g, to piss), you can’t come back. You have to stand there, in often sub-freezing temps, for nine or ten hours. Just so you can say you did it.

It’s an endurance sport, not an experience.”

#11. I have a bed.

“Shower sex.

Unless you’ve got a giant shower with great water pressure, one of you is ending up cold and shivery, which isn’t exactly conducive to great sex. Oh, and water makes for terrible lubrication, so you can generally add discomfort to that, unless you add actual lube which in turn will probably make that little glass box of a shower into a slippery deathtrap if any of it gets on the floor.

Fuck, man… I have a bed. We can bone down there. It’s all good.”

#10. Let’s go paintballing.

“Go paintballing with that friend that constantly says let’s go paintballing.”

#9. Full panic mode.

“Wave pools.

When I was maybe ten I was in a wave pool that had was split with swimmers in the shallow end and inner tubes in the deep end. I got pulled towards the deep end and ended up stuck in the inner tubes section. I was underwater and all I could see above me were inner tubes pushed tight together without a gap of light. I pushed my way through and clambered, gasping for air onto a double tube with a couple of teenagers who yelled at me to get my own tube and pushed me back in the water. I distinctly remember thinking I was going to die. Fortunately a pair of adults saw me and pulled me out of the water and brought me back to my parents who were in full panic mode.”

#8. I love a good physical challenge.

“Tough Mudder. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good physical challenge, the course I did was a brutal 20km west of Sydney with some pretty kick-arse obstacles.

But getting painfully shocked by dangling electrical cables while crawling along a muddy trench underneath barbed wire? You can fuck right off, never doing that shit again.”

#7. Very lucky to walk away.

“A night of heavy drinking in Tijuana. My friend danced with the wrong gal and got his jaw broke on the dance floor. I Immediately showered the puncher guy with pacifico beer. He had about 20 friends and I was very lucky to walk away only a little punched up. God I was stupid at 19. One time we lost a friend over there in the chaos. He hunkered down with some nice street people who shared their crack with him. Picked him up at the border the next afternoon. You know, fun !”

#6. No more bouncy castles.

“Bouncy castle. Tried one out when I was ten years old, and some fat kid tried to do a flip, came down on my leg and almost broke it. No more bouncy castles.”

#5. Very difficult to rescue you.

“Cave exploring. Fascinating, but way too dangerous. In a place that it would be very difficult to rescue you if seriously injured.”

#4. Zero desire.

“Hopped a freight.

And it was fun! There’s nothing like that feeling of freedom when the train left the yard and gathered speed heading out into the desert–seeing the last of the city disappear behind us was absolutely exhilarating. And it’s the best way to see the country. Often, the train itself was the only trace of civilization we could see. Nothing but dry sagebrush stretching to either horizon.

But it’s a dangerous, dirty, noisy, windy, illegal, and unreliable form of transportation. I’m glad I did it once, but I have zero desire to hop on one ever again.”

#3. I have no chill.

“Mosh pits. Too old and I have no chill in there. Still fun but instead of maybe being in pain the next day I definitely hurt for like 3-4 weeks. Never wanted to be one of those guys that sat at the bar during shows but at 31 I definitely get it now.”

#2. Panic attack.

“Snorkeling in very deep and cold waters.. (gave me a panic attack..)”

#1. Floating in hand sanitizer.

“Swim in the Dead Sea. So many microscopic cuts on my body; it felt like floating in hand sanitizer. Plus the area emitted a strong smell of sulfur. Kind of a ‘been there, done that’ experience.”

They definitely won’t be doing these things again!