13 People Share Hygiene Tips They Think Everyone Should Know

The more time you spend around certain people, the more you say to yourself…”were you raised in a cave by animals?”

Well, at least that’s my experience because people can be pretty darn disgusting.

Let’s hear from people on AskReddit about the hygiene tips that they think everyone should know.

1. It’s important.

“Go to the dentist.

Don’t be embarrassed if you haven’t been there in a while- there’s nothing that they haven’t seen before.”

2. FYI.

“Most bad breath comes from not cleaning your tongue so even if you brush your teeth twice a day but don’t use a tongue scraper, your breath might still be bad.”

3. No shoes allowed.

“Make your home a shoes-free environment.

I know some folks are concerned about their foot odor. Others feel that a door mat is sufficient in wiping one’s feet at the entryway.

Keep in mind that if you’ve set foot into a public restroom, you’re basically tracking whatever you stepped on into your home.”

4. Just do it!

“Just take a shower, even if it’s a short one and you don’t wash well.

Brush your teeth, even it it’s for 30 seconds.

Just do it a little, who cares if it’s a bad job. Better than nothing at all.”

5. Nice and clean.

“Wash under your b**bs and wash your feet WITH SOAP.

I know they seem obvious but you’d be surprised the number of people who don’t.”

6. People forget about this.

“Clean your piercings!

Take your earrings out regularly and wash your ears/ soak your earrings in peroxide to clean.”

7. Never ignore it.

“Don’t ignore a toothache.

Abscesses can lead to sepsis that’ll destroy your whole body.

Take care of those luxury bones!”

8. About your feet…

“If your shoes smell from wearing them, it might be due to you not exfoliating your feet.

The dead skin starts to ferment when your foot sweats inside your shoe.

Pumice stones are your friend.”

9. Much easier.

“Cut your nails immediately after taking a hot shower.

They become soft and very easy to manipulate.”

10. A little trim.

“An easy way for a man to clean up for a date, if pressed for time, is to trim the hair on the back of your neck.

It tidies up nicely and makes you look a little less unkempt, especially if your hair is black.”

11. Are you listening?

“You got skin everywhere.

Inside your bellybutton, bottom of your feet, crack of your a**.

It’s all skin, it all needs to be washed.

And put lotion on it. All of it.”

12. Gross.

“Don’t use air dryers in bathrooms, they spread bacteria way more than they k**l, and more recent studies found they help circulate fecal matter already in the air.

Washing your hands and then shaking them dry resulted in much less bacteria.”

13. I’m gonna be sick.

“Cats should not be allowed on your kitchen counters or dining table.

They’re very cute, yes, but those cute paws touch cat litter and all the nasty, nasty things implied by that.

Do you really want that where you prepare and eat your food?”

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