15 People Share Things People Can Be More Attractive


I have to say, the older I get, the less I really care whether or not other people find me attractive. First of all, I’m too tired to put much effort into my appearance, and second, the people who love me do so for reasons other than what I look like.

However, I must admit there are still times when looking attractive (or at least presentable) is required or desired. And if I were single, I would be more invested in my appearance, for sure. If that’s your current sitch, then you might be interested in what these 13+ people have to say!

#15. Double points

“You’d be surprised what a shower a day, and clean clothes will do. Double points for having well kempt hair.”

#14. Always a jokester in the crowd

“Low lighting.”

#13. Simple things

“The same answers appear every time this gets asked, and ultimately boils down to the same pointers.

– Decent haircut (also hair that isn’t greasy).

– Clothes that fit properly (Not to baggy or purchased from Walmart, I like Ross and sometimes I’ll frequent the mall, I like the vans store).

– Cut your nails

– Smell nice (There are memes referencing a woman’s “hoe side coming out” when smelling a nice fragrance.

I’m not the best looking guy out there, kind of chubby with big glasses at times, some times I wear contacts. My girlfriend is a knockout though, and I like to think covering the previously mentioned pointers helped me out.

Side Note: If you want to meet women you have to talk to them, starting the conversation is half the battle, Introduce yourself, ask a question that may lead to another question to keep things going.

I.E. ” Do you like coffee”? Followed by “Would you like to get coffee:?​

This will may lead to intercourse but is not guaranteed.”

#12. Magically transformed

“Be kind and joyful.

Be engaging.

Be funny.

I once saw a documentary and one of the women was objectively very unattractive, just a weird looking face, no makeup, almost looked like an alien. But she was so lively and fun, and full of enthusiasm and good humor that by the end of it she had magically transformed into an attractive person before my eyes.”

#11. Kind of my specialty

“Stripper here, I’m a bit late to this party but this is kinda my specialty so figured I’d contribute. People think good looks are all luck or genetics or whatever, nope. They’re attainable by almost anyone imho.

Hygiene is #1. You could be a perfect 10, but smell bad or have bad breath and that drops you instantly to about a 3. Shower everyday. Listen to the dentist, brush and floss everyday.
Have a bit of a tan. It makes you look about 5-10 pounds slimmer instantly. You dont need to lay In the sun to do this either – I use Jergens Natural glow moisturiser which is like $8.59 at Target and won’t give you skin cancer.
Whiten your teeth. You don’t need expensive procedures or veneers to do this. Crest Whitestrips work just fine. They’re about $50, for a week long treatment that lasts a year.
If you are a lady, having long hair makes you look much slimmer and more attractive. Straightening it is a bonus. Just be careful with heat treatments – if you straighten every day like I do, use a product to protect from heat. Anything by Redken is great.
Learn the art of makeup, ladies. Guys say they appreciate “natural beauty” but their idea of this is so rare it almost doesnt exist. You want to be wearing makeup but have it look like you aren’t. Learn contouring and a subtle cat eye, for example. Done right, this will up your “score” by a good 2 pts. My SO (we are very honest w each other) knows all my makeup routines; he says I’m a 7 without makeup and a 9 with, and he isn’t wrong.
Wear clothes that fit. If you’re a medium buy a medium rather than trying to squeeze into a small.”

#10. Clean and confident

“Hydrate your skin and take care of your hair.
Smell good.
Take care of your teeth.
Wear clean clothes that make you feel confident.

But most importantly: smile and make eye contact (not staring!) with people.”

#9. Posture, posture, posture

“I had success with a mixture of:

rolling out my thoratic spine (helps with slouch)
barbell rows (pulls shoulders back. ideally you’d work out your full body)
core work (straightens hips)
think about being pulled up by strings like a puppet to straighten up. eventually it becomes natural to do if you practice it enough.”

#8. Clean and trimmed

“Keep your fingernails clean and trimmed. No one cares if you look like Idris Elba or Olivia Wilde if your nails look like you pick your ass with them.”

#7. Strengths and weaknesses

“Lean on your strengths, forget about your weaknesses.

Figure out what your best feature is and make that as noticeable as possible. If you have great hair/eyes/butt/whatever, draw as much attention as you can to it.

The idea behind this goes like this – people generally only notice/remember one or two things about about a person. If you can impress on them that you have really strong shoulders or really great tits that’s generally all they’ll remember. “Karen?… Oh right, the girl with that beautiful long curly red hair! She’s pretty.” But if Karen is a little overweight or has an ugly voice, they will be less likely to remember that than if she has a good feature that she can make stand out.

As well, you can’t have awesome/perfect everything. So rather than trying to work on everything all at once, or trying to change things like height/face shape, just try to improve and highlight something you already have. Hide your weaknesses in plane sight.

So, figure out what your “thing” can be and accentuate that as much as possible.”

#6. Practice

“Learn your angles!! Practice smiling in a mirror and figure out what expressions look best on you.”

#5. Niceties 

“Be nice to other people. Show gratitude. Laugh a lot. These things are very attractive to other people even if they can’t pinpoint why they like someone. This attitude or way of being will start to show in other aspects of your life.”

#4. A great haircut

“Always have a great haircut or hairdo and smell nice.”

#3. Physical activity

“Physical activity of any sort, doesn’t have to be weightlifting but that’s an option.”

#2. A list of tips

“Be clean and well kept. Here are some of my best tips:


Shower daily, use good quality soap that isn’t overly scented
Wash and condition your hair every few days if not daily (depends on your hair)
Wear deodorant
Wear clothes that are clean and fit well
Looking healthy:

Drink plenty of water, it will make you look and feel more awake and can help clear up your skin
Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, this will also contribute to glowing skin and can also help you shed excess weight
Get plenty of sleep. Not getting enough sleep contributes to weight gain, dull and/or blemished skin, under-eye circles, and an all around “tired” look

Keep your eyebrows maintained – if you don’t get them waxed, be sure to pluck stray hairs, especially between your brows. You can also spritz an old toothbrush with hair spray and brush your eyebrows, which keeps them in place and neat throughout the day
MOISTURIZE! This is especially important in the dry winter months. Invest in a good moisturizer for your body and another for your face. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, they have good moisturizers at drugstores and supermarkets
Keep your hair neat and brushed, styled with a little product if necessary. If you dye your hair, don’t let your roots grow out too long
Keep your nails clean and trimmed/filed/manicured. If you wear nail polish, either touch it up or take it off when it starts chipping. If your nails are long, be sure to clean underneath them regularly
Find a perfume or cologne that you like, that isn’t too overpowering, and that mixes well with your body. Wear it regularly
KEEP YOUR TEETH AS NICE AS YOU CAN. Teeth are a HUGE factor in attractiveness. If your teeth are crooked, you can’t change that (at least not immediately), but you can floss daily, brush twice a day, and wear your retainer/mouth guard if you have one. Take the best possible care of your teeth that you can

Dress appropriately for your job; this differs depending on the job, obviously
Wear a few classic pieces of jewelry. A watch, nice bracelet, rings, etc. Jewelry is fine, but don’t go too over the top with cheap, gaudy jewelry
Invest in a few pairs of nice shoes. Again, what type of shoes you invest in depends on your job and lifestyle.”

#1. Memory

“Remember the persons name and use it when appropriate. Not being able to remember my name 5 minutes after meeting me is a huge turn off.”

Go forth and stun!