13 People Share the Dumbest Things Their Smartest Friends Ever Did

As my dad likes to say (over and over), “common sense isn’t very common.”

And as I’ve gotten older, I realize that he’s been right on the money all along!

I should’ve known…

Did you ever have a really smart friend do something really dumb?

These AskReddit users did and they shared their stories. Let’s check them out.

1. Don’t do that!

“My friend in college graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double major in Biology and Chemistry.

She went on to medical school and became a physician in a hospital you’ve definitely heard of.

One day she put a fork in the microwave when heating up a bowl of green beans, and I had to explain to her why the microwave sounded like it was full of firecrackers.”

2. Look up there.

“I don’t know if he’s necessarily the smartest person I know but I know a pretty smart astrophysicist who pointed out a ‘star’ to us which was in fact a plane.”

3. Where could it be?

“My brother has PhDs in bioengineering.

We were on a call one day and he was saying “i can’t find my phone. Probably my kids took it.”

Didn’t realize until i told him that he was using his phone to talk to me.”

4. We love her anyway…

“My mother: Oxford mathematics graduate with no parental leg up shall we say (aka not from a posh family or anything). Had her IQ tested officially in a proctored exam and got 163. Mensa member til she realized what kind of person joins Mensa. T

his woman CANNOT understand time zones. Which is ironic because her family lives in Australia, Hong Kong, the UK and the east and west coast of America. She never knows when it’s appropriate to be calling anyone and you may get a random call from her at 3 AM.

But we love her anyway.”

5. A terrible idea.

“A friend of mine, 4.0 GPA unweighted, 35 ACT, 36 Super score, smart kid.

But he went running barefoot in 101° weather on a gravel road because he wanted to increase his pain tolerance.”

6. Okay…

“My dad. He had one of his ears pierced when he was in college. he went to a party wearing an earring.

A girl started talking to him and decided to give him one of her earrings, but he didn’t want to take his earring out, so he stabbed her earring through his unpierced earlobe.

This man is now an engineer.”

7. Too bad…

“I had a buddy, in school for Mechanical Engineering. Very bright, but a little on the cocky side.

He ended up moving to DFW TX area, ended up getting on m**h, losing his job,then into selling it, then stealing high dollar bicycles at the near by college campus. Ends up getting caught with Felony theft and m**h distribution.

Now he’s on felony probation for 10 years, and lost his college scholarship.”

8. The White Tornado.

“Owned a white panel van and lined the entire back with white shag carpeting.

In less than two months was doing tricks on a friends dirt bike and got horrific road rash on his face and torso and had to be driven to the hospital in his van.

Blood everywhere. Ruined the back. Wasted all that money on shag. And he called the van White Tornado.”

9. Yikes.

“Got married due to family pressure. Super talented scientific mind. Had 70+ publications before getting married.

Now admits that his pace has not only slowed down but wife is edging him to change profession because scientific research doesn’t pay as per her expectations.”

10. LOL.

“He sells insurance

He didnt have insurance when his car was stolen.”

11. Chicago, California.

“One of my friends, high school valedictorian, super smart math major, heard so many jokes about the university of Chicago being called “UC Hicago” that he unironically thought Chicago was a city in California.”

12. Just checking.

“My incredibly smart and smoking hot wife driving into our condo parkade slows down and looks over to my parking spot.

I asked her why to which she replied “I just want to see if you are home from work” yes I was in the passenger seat.”

13. Ouch!

“My dad is the smartest person I (and anyone who knows him) know and once when we were kids he tried to make us laugh by sticking peas in his nostrils and ended up accidentally snorting them up into his nasal passages.

Best part: he’s an ear, nose, and throat surgeon. One of the best in the region.

I can still hear him pleading with my mother to take them out because he couldn’t face his colleagues with peas up his nose that he voluntarily put there.”

What do you think is the dumbest thing that the smartest person you know has done?

Sound off in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!