13 People Share the Petty and Funny Ways They Get Back at Rude Customers

I know I’ve said this before but I’m about to say it again: I think everyone should work at a job where they have to deal with customers at least once in their life so they get a taste of what it’s like to deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly of society.

Maybe it’s a restaurant, a clothing store, a bar, etc.

Because you know you’re gonna deal with some real s**theads!

People on Buzzfeed talked about the petty and funny ways they get back at rude customers.

Let’s have some fun!

1. Good one.

“My tactic was giving rude people at this bar I worked at their change in the smallest coins.”

2. The Chipotle life.

“I work at Chipotle, so there’s a lot of stuff for rude customers.

When someone is nice, I give them a little bit of extra meat with no charge, I’ll make sure not to forget anything you asked, be as fast as possible making your food, and even might give you large chips if you ask for regular.

When you’re rude, you get more juice than beans, the smallest bit of meat, the brown, older guac, and the lightest chip bag with the littlest amount of chips.

Ah, and I won’t fill your guac/queso container to the top.”

3. Wobbly.

“Whenever we have a rude or disrespectful customer, I would leave small screws or joints out of their furniture so that it wobbled.”

4. Definitely ruined their day.

“I give them decaf coffee when they asked for regular or fill it half or quarter of the way with their coffee of choice and then fill the rest with hot water.”

5. What’s that smell?

“While working behind a bar, we always had a snobby stuck-up woman flounce in the pub regularly and throw a long fur coat at us and demand we look after it.

One evening we stuffed prawns in the hem of the coat. Never saw her wear it again.”

6. Let it all out.

“I used to work at Target and anyone who works retail knows that the online stock is not completely accurate as to what we actually have in store.

One day, I had a lady call in and start yelling at my employees and then me because we didn’t have the particular hair dryer she was looking for. While she was in the middle of her rant, my employee found it in the go-backs bin and brought it to my attention.

I could’ve interrupted her and let her know that we’d found it. Instead, I let her scream herself hoarse and told my employee to wait until close to put it back on the shelf.”

7. Nice and sloooooooow.

“I used to work as a cashier at a very busy retail chain.

If I heard/noticed someone complaining about how slow the line was moving, I’d just move even slower.”

8. I’ll get to it later.

“As a server, if I was busy and you kept getting all pi**ed off with me that your food wasn’t ready, 10 minutes after you ordered, I would actively find other things to do instead of checking if your food was ready.”

9. Oops.

“I work at Subway.

I have been known to sneak a jalapeño or two into a rude customer’s sub.

It must have dropped into the lettuce.”

10. A good laugh.

“I work as a cook. Sometimes I help bring food out.

I can’t help but get really annoyed at this smug obnoxious couple. The guy all of a sudden starts whistling and snapping his fingers to get the attention of the staff. I saw no other option than to go to the kitchen, take a bowl, fill it with water, and place it at his feet.

He looks at me like I’m a giant idiot and asks me what my problem is and what the hell the water is for. I told him it’s for his dog, so that when it finally responds to his whistling and snapping, it can have a drink of water on the house.

He got pretty mad. I had a good laugh.”

11. Broken straws.

“I used to be a barista (at a certain very well-known coffee chain).

We had a drive-thru, and if a customer was rude to me and they ordered a drink that needed a straw, I would discreetly break the straw before handing it to them.

Nothing too horrible, just incredibly annoying and inconvenient for them once they wanted to start drinking their beverage.”

12. It might be a while.

“I used to be a baggage handler at the airport. I often got called up to the terminal for gate bag checks.

One time, the traveler was swearing at the gate agent, who was visibly holding back tears.

I took the bag, gave the a**hole a big smile, then took his bag to a different airline and put it on a cart for a flight going to Japan.”

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