13 People Share the Strange, Unexplainable Things They’ve Seen

We live in a strange, strange world…

And this world is filled with odd things that happen that we can’t explain…but I guess that’s part of the fun, right?!?!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen that you can’t explain?

Let’s see how AskReddit users responded to that question.

1. Missing time.

“I was around 6 and on Wednesday evening I went to bed. I woke up and it was Friday.

I remember asking my mom why is it Friday when yesterday it was Wednesday. She said yesterday was Thursday, obviously.

I asked her what I did on Thursday because the last thing I remember is going to sleep on Wednesday. She named some activities and I remembered none of that. I never found out why I don’t remember the Thursday.”

2. Huh?

“When I was a kid I was awfully sick at one point- completely bed ridden. I was super hungry or something so I wanted to go get my mom, so I fell out of bed- but I couldn’t move after that.

I was just sorta worming around in agony. Until four,,, I want to say hippies? Tie-dye shirts, baggy bell-bottom pants, long hair. They just appeared in my room and I instinctively knew they were in a band? One of em was like, “yo,,, dude,,, your mom’s asleep. Want us to go get her?”

So I just mutely nodded, they disappeared, and a few minutes later my mom came up and checked on me.”

3. I know you!

“Doing some door-to-door work, I knocked onto a house I’d only driven past in a city on the other side of the world from where I grew up.

As I looked around the deck I was standing on, I noticed a particular window had a view through another window. I distinctly remembered all the details of what was outside the second window, even though I had never before seen it in my life. As the door opened, the lady standing at it gave a bewildered face that I must have mirrored.

The first thing she says is, “I know you!” I promise, there is no way our paths had previously crossed. As we got to talking, I was sharing a personal story, of which she finished the last details for me. I was stunned, and she said, “ I’m sure you’ve told me that before.”

I was tripping out, and ended coming back to the house a few times to just chat and see where or if anyone we both knew had crossed paths. To this day I still can’t explain it.”

4. It’s not time yet.

“My dad had a really complicated case of trombosis; it was bad that only two hospitals in the country were equipped to handle it.

Long story short he was in intensive care and had to be airlifted to the most famous hospital in Brazil; this process took the whole night. I remember my mom telling me at 6am that he was stable and the visitation time would be like 7 hours away, so I went to get some sleep.

I don’t remember specific details, just a very obvious loving figure that sounded just like my grandpa (his dad, already deceased) telling me to relax, it was not my father’s time.

When visiting time came, due to my good mood and spirit, my dad asked me if I understood what he had, since doc told us his chances of recovery were slim; then I told him about the dream he cried and hugged me. He spent over 10 days in ICU and over a month in recovery, but is healthy and happy today.

Never had my grandpa, or anyone else, visit me, before or since.”

5. Scary.

“I was driving away from a gas station. Out of nowhere a guy in a suit comes running up to my mini van and starts yanking the door.

As if he knew me, he began pleading “c”mon, LET ME IN.” Luckily my doors were locked, I asked him who the hell he was through my window. He looked genuinely surprised that I wouldn’t let him in. After I refused to let him in, his facial expression inverted; as if he just realized something horrible.

He let go of my car, said something to the effect of “you’re one of them, aren’t you?” Then he ran away behind the gas station and into the woods. Full suit and tie, nice shoes, extremely frantic in nature, zero explanation.

I’m praying it was some elaborate troll or m*th or something, because the look in that man’s eyes was pure terror when I didn’t let him in.”

6. I felt it…

“It wasn’t what I saw so much as felt.

I was on my way to Petersburg, a small island in Alaska but the runway was to foggy so I had to stay in Juneau at a hotel for the night. Anyway the next morning I was sleeping and had my hand dangling in between the bed and the wall and I swear on everything I felt something grab my hand.

It had a grip like a very firm handshake and it literally woke me up out of a dead sleep. I actually got up and checked under the bed and nothing was there. It was very weird.”

7. Spooky.

“My three year old daughter walked up to my husband one night and straight up said, ‘Grandpa’s dead.’

A few moments later we get a call from my husband’s sister saying that their father had passed away. Happened a few months back.

Still creeps me out.”

8. The meteor.

“So in 2013, I was with my buddy and his schizophrenic neighbor.

The neighbor suddenly acts like he just got hit with an energy wave, and he runs out into the yard. He starts dancing and chanting about, “The Meteor.”

He said that he felt it falling, and then with a final jerk, he said the meteor had exploded. At that same time, on the other side of the world, an enormous meteor exploded over Russia.

If you are wondering, no there was no advanced warning.

And yes, part of me does suspect that he somehow knew.”

9. The black square.

“Was driving home from work one afternoon with my brother and cousin in the car. As we were sitting in traffic I noticed high up in the sky and way out in the distance a small motionless black square.

I pointed it out and both my brother and my cousin spotted it quickly so I know it wasn’t in my head. It just remained still for about 45 minutes and then the sun had set and it was too dark to spot it any longer. It just stayed in the exact same spot the whole time and while it was really far away you could still tell it was a perfect square shape.

Once I got home I went online to see if there were any mentions of it anywhere and there was nothing. To this day I still think about it and wonder wtf I was looking at.”

10. What happened?

“I was taking a trip with my then-girlfriend and we had to cross the Hudson River to get to where we were going. There are only a handful of bridges across, and I know them all from having grown up in the area.

On that particular trip we were supposed to take The Bear Mountain Bridge, but I got off the wrong exit and passed it. We decided it wasn’t a big deal. The next bridge, The Newburgh-Beacon, was actually closer to where we were going.

It would just bring us over little bit past our destination, but not enough to really matter. So we kept on driving, not really paying specific attention to where we were since it was probably 20 – 30 mins until we got there.

Well, we never crossed the Newburgh-Beacon that day. We also never crossed the Bear Mountain. And we certainly didn’t drive an extra half an hour to the Mid Hudson or turn around and go back to the Tap. When we did take a minute to check where we were, and how close the bridge was, we found we were already on the other side of the river. No bridge, we were just already there.

So either there’s a secret tunnel somewhere under the river, we had our memories erased, or we found some kind of spatial rift somewhere in the Hudson Valley.”

11. In the dorm.

“I was an RA when I was in college. All the RAs would come back a week before the winter semester started for training, which meant no students were back in the dorms – we were the only ones in the building.

One night, I heard the door to my shared bathroom open. The sound of the doorknob turning woke me up, so I kind of groggily said my suite mate’s name (she would sometimes come through the bathroom to talk or ask me for advice). Then I realized – my suite mate was on an extended holiday in Italy, so no one should have been in our suite at all.

I immediately shot up and looked toward the bathroom door. It was almost pitch black in my room, but next to the bathroom door, I could see the perfect outline of a human face wearing a flat-brimmed hat – I couldn’t see the details of the face, but I could see shadows where the eyes, mouth, and nose would have been.

It was as if someone was standing next to the door, staring at me. I had no idea what to do – because no one was back in the dorms, I knew that the nearest RA was two floors away and wouldn’t hear me scream for help. I stared at the face for a few seconds (and it stared back), then I shifted slightly on the bed and it completely disappeared. I got up to check the door, and it had been closed the whole time.

It’s been almost 7 years and it still freaks me out when I think about it.”

12. Deep in the forest.

“When I was young, my parents and I relocated across the country to Maine.

We lived in a very small town and our house was old, beat up and on many acres deep in the forest. It had two stories, with the top story being the main level and the bottom story being the bedroom level. My bedroom had several large windows that looked out into the forest.

I don’t remember having curtains or blinds but I’m sure I must have, because my mother never forgot details like that when decorating my bedrooms as a child, but I must have left them open one night.

I remember waking up in darkness, with a faint glowing orb of light hovering just outside my window. I watched it in utter terror as it went slowly across one window, and then the next – before pausing, flashing briefly into my bedroom, before shifting into the third and final window and disappearing altogether. I was so upset by the ordeal that I went and woke my parents up, and my stepfather stormed the backyard with his gun in hand.

There was nothing and no sign of the strange orb.

My eyes are watering as I write this. Deep down, as an adult looking back, I realize that orb was anything but magic. It was someone’s flashlight.

It never happened again, but I’m still afraid of having window blinds open at night.”

13. Up in the air.

“Former Egyptian Airforce Mirage 2000 pilot here.

I was one of the “unlucky few” that got selected to serve their mandatory years as pilots, it was considered unlucky because you stayed in the army alot longer than soldiers and officers because of the amount of training that comes with flying a fighter jet.

Anyway fast forward 2 years I’m a fully trained mirage pilot though I don’t know much about dogfighting and fighter jet weapons as I didn’t take it on full time like I said this was mandatory service that everyone had to do, it’s just I was selected to be a pilot for some reason, I only flew like 6 times in the 3 and a half years I served.

Anyways picture this, it’s a pitch black night and I go out for patrol on the Red Sea border between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. My friend is commanded to patrol the border on Sinai and Israel (that’s usually the most actively patrolled border).

Anyway here I am flying in Egyptian airspace when an extremely bright light shone through the cockpit almost blinding me for a moment, it was so bright it got right through the tinting on the windows and my helmet, it was almost like that memory wiper in MIB it lasted at least a minute.

So just as I’m about to call this in to get a possible explanation the air tower guy starts frantically sort of shouting but not loudly like he’s talking really fast and in a very worried tone and I can’t hear him through the radio that well so I couldn’t tell what he was saying, I tuned into the frequency the other pilots were on and they were all just as shaken as me.

30 minutes later a calmer voice instructs us to all land immediately as there is an emergency being investigated by the more experienced pilots (dogfighters). So we land two at a time, I steer my plane into the hanger and I get out, everyone has this frightened look on their face eyes wide open, mouth shut and sort of lost.

Like you talk to them and they’re like “sorry what were you saying again?”, So I go straight to the base commander hoping for an explanation that puts my mind to ease, when I get there I find that he’s in his office on the phone shouting about unidentifiable aircrafts infiltrating Egyptian airspace and that’s when I really got scared.

I have finished my mandatory service years ago now and I’m currently studying law in Washington but that night I constantly think about.”

How about you?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen that you just can’t explain?

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