What’s Your Biggest Flex That You’ll Never Tell Anyone? Here’s How People Responded.

Some people love to flex about their accomplishments in life.

That is totally their prerogative, but some folks out there are extremely humble and just like to keep all the cool and amazing stuff that they do on the down low.

And we love that kind of stuff!

People on AskReddit admitted their biggest flexes that they’ll never tell anyone.

1. Epic!

“Once I was in the passenger seat of my car while my wife was driving down the freeway.

A truck driver and me locked eyes and started communicating using hand signals (waving and such) he was drinking a up and go and gestured in a way that was asking me if I wanted one. I obviously said yes and we both rolled our windows down, he threw it to me and I actually caught it!

We both laughed and I have never enjoyed a drink more in my life. It was a had to be there moment that I remember fondly but no point telling anyone really.”

2. Man of mystery.

“I was quoted on some literary website one time for something I said off the cuff in an argument.

I also got to play a few shows with some of my favorite bands of all time, but I’m so far removed from that music scene now that no one I know would ever care about it except for me.”

3. Dancing Queen.

“When I was 15, I won a scholarship to study ballet in Russia.

It was totally amazing.”

4. Well, you’re a genius.

“I got accepted into Mensa and then immediately realized I don’t want to hang out with the type of people who join Mensa so I never went through with it.

I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone I took the test”

5. Don’t bother correcting him.

“I bought some then relatively worthless Apple stock because I thought I’d be able to eBay the stock certificate with the rainbow Apple logo when the company went out of business.

My investment guy just thinks I’m really clever. I’ve not corrected him.”

6. A good deed.

“I was in the grocery store and saw an older woman standing in the aisle comparing what was in her cart to what was in her wallet, obviously counting to see if she could afford everything. Based on her body language as she walked away I could tell that the answer was no.

So I took a 20 out and walked up to her and said, “M’am, when you were over there just a second ago this fell out of your wallet.” I handed her the bill, and just walked away so she wouldn’t be embarrassed if she figured out I was lying. I did hear her say thank you, so I half turned and told her “you’re welcome, have a nice night.”

It was only $20, but I think it made a difference to her, and that felt amazing.”

7. Good for you!

“I raised $100,000 for a scholarship fund in the memory of my deceased twin brother.

Since that time we’ve given away over 200 scholarships”

8. Nice work!

“I was out on a date with a hot girl. After dinner her car wouldn’t start. “Pop the hood”, I said.

I saw an engine….I’m pretty sure, not a clue what ever else I was looking at. she looked at me and i punched the battery with the side of my hand and told her to try again. Car started! I felt like Fonzie, got so laid.”

9. Teacher’s pet.

“Had a class where the professor was pissed that everyone did really bad on an essay and was yelling at the class.

He said that aside from one person who got a 97 percent he was disappointed with everyone there. I had the 97 percent.”

10. He approved.

“I saw Elton John in Vegas. Red Piano Tour.

During Benny and the Jets (I can whistle extremely loudly), I nailed the whistle part that is on live version of the song that plays on the radio.

He smiled.”

11. The gate keeper.

“I lived with my grandparents my whole life who lived in a small little house across the street from a big fancy neighborhood development. They lived in the same house for 40 years before the development.

It was a very bad hill on a busy road with the neighborhood entrance at the bottom of the hill which was across the street from our house. Me and my grandpa would pull people out of wrecks all the time. Saved a bunch of lives but sadly saw over 10 people die on that hill growing up.

The big fancy people in that neighborhood would always bring us food and gifts, they called my grandpa the gate keeper.”

12. You have a gift.

“I saw a lizard in the middle of a busy road.

I bent down on the side of the road and called for it as I put my hands out and he ran straight into my arms. I carried him to safety and didn’t think anything of it until I heard a stranger behind me go, “Did y’all see that sh*t?? She’s a lizard whisperer!”

Man I wish there was another witness because I bet I looked cool.”

13. Let them take the credit.

“When I was in high school we did a “toy drive” with our homeroom classes around the holidays where each class was assigned a family in need to donate money to or buy toys for. By the last day almost none of the toys had been bought from the kid’s lists, we’d just collected a modest chunk of money for the family.

I went home and told my mom that I didn’t need anything but I would like to get some of those things the kid’s asked for. My mom and dad talked, they’d both grown up poor and knew the money we’d collected would probably be used on necessities, not toys. So my mom and I went out and came back home with about $300 worth of toys the kids had asked for.

I brought them in early before school started and submitted them and the receipts for them to my homeroom teacher. Later on one of my classmates, who I had great disdain for ever since the third grade when he blatantly stole my new pencil, came in and announced he was making the biggest contribution of our class with a $40 donation.

The teacher made eye contact with me but I remained neutral and shrugged, so the teacher didn’t correct him, just smiled and said thank you to him. I figure he needed that affirmation more than me and I never liked being center of attention anyway.”

How about you?

What’s your biggest flex that you don’t think you’ll ever tell anyone?

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