13 People Share the Useless Things They Excel At

I think I’m pretty excellent at memorizing hockey stats and information about hockey rosters, but guess what…?

That doesn’t really matter in the long run because it doesn’t get me anywhere in life…unless I’m debating hockey with friends.

People on AskReddit admitted the useless things that they excel at.

Get ready to have some laughs!

1. I’m impressed.

“Learning something fast, but not good enough to excel in it.

I’ve learned basic guitar, piano, cooking, drawing, basketball, shooting, video games on my own.

I never get really good at it, but I can do it. Except maybe dancing. I just look bad when I dance.”

2. Good while it lasted.

“I can connect to every social group but only on the very first level.

The moment a slightly deeper conversation occurs I’m out and can’t connect any more.”

3. Hasn’t paid off yet.

“I am world class at spinning cocktail trays.

One time I was thinking I was getting pretty good so I went on Youtube to get a reality check. I couldn’t find anyone better.

This has gotten me exactly zero s**.”

4. The expert.

“Rock Paper Scissors

I don’t know what it is, but I think I’m just particularly good at predicting what someone is gonna choose. I’ve been on a no-loss streak for several years.

Unfortunately, I suck at predicting people’s behaviors outside of this.”

5. Look out!

“When I’m swimming I can squeeze one hand in such a way to squirt water about 8-10 feet and aim it with precision.

I have had many people tell me it’s weird how good I am at it but there is really no valuable use for it.”

6. Nailed it.

“Recognizing voices. I’m really good at recognizing voice actors in video games/animation, even if they’re doing like a weird monster voice or something.

Like Nolan North for example. He does a lot famous characters, but he also did this side character in Dragon Age: Origins named Ruck who is a gibbering lunatic but I instantly recognized it was him.

It’s not useful for anything.”

7. Human GPS.

“I haven’t found a way to put it to too much good use beyond hiking and driving. I’ve been told I have exceptional directional skills. It’s like I have a compass and GPS constantly working in the background without effort.

I can visualize the steps I took or where I need to end up and get there. Thought this was a regular thing until I got to talking with my wife and friends about it.”

8. Like a vise.

“My grip strength is crazy strong, especially for a skinny tall boy.

I’ve done the contest where you squeeze the other persons hand and they squeeze yours until someone gives up against people that work out twice as much as me and I’ve won effortlessly.

They could literally have 200 pounds on me and it doesn’t matter. I suppose the only semi useful thing I use this for is playing piano loud…”

9. You should be a goalie!

“Catching things right before they hit the floor.

It’s weird because I’m clumsy, but will always catch it if it’s being dropped.”

10. That’s weird.

“I can make my palms sweaty on command.

No better self defense mechanism than clammy hands.”

11. Ouch!

“No matter how large the area, my foot will find some small sharp thing and step on it.

Without fail.

I guess it could be a good skill for finding missing legos or something.”

12. Down to a science.

“I’m pretty good at timing when I need to get off the couch to get to my microwave before it finishes what I’m cooking.

Whether it’s in there for a minute or five, I’d say about 50% of the time I get to the microwave when it has 5 seconds or less on it.”

13. Maybe look for an editing job?

“Finding typos in documents.

Magazine articles, restaurant placemats, outdoor signage.

Feels weirdly powerless since I can’t fix them.”

Okay, it’s confession time…

What useless things do you excel at?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know!