13 People Share the Way They Beat the Blues

Life is hard.

For many people, the ups and downs and peaks and valleys can really crush their spirit, so that’s why it’s extremely important to take the necessary steps to make sure depression doesn’t take over your life.

A lot of people can’t really beat the blues completely, but they can do things to lessen its impact.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. All kinds of things.

“I have huge problems with my level of endorphins so..

I avoid ibuprofen.
Don’t drink to much alcohol especially when I am in a bad mood.
Sports! Even when I think I can’t. (You can start in your bed raise your legs and try to hit the ceiling.)

I talk to people that I love about things that I love.
Sometimes I look in the mirror and make silly faces and fake smiles.
Avoid TV, Netflix and Co.

I read a book, a good one, nothing that tells you how to do something right!
No plans!
Feeding my pets.

Clean up my flat, then taking a long bath and put my best dress on and take a walk in my neighborhood.
Getting to bed and build up my own super hero world (super powers, accessories and villains) and try to sleep…”

2. Isolation.

“My favorite thing to do is to go to an isolated place, preferably outside. I will talk out loud to myself, the person who made me feel this way, God or really anyone else in my head and when I get it all out and feel completely emotionally drained, I sit back and appreciate what my senses can soak in.

Smell the fresh air. Look at the endless sky. Touch the grass, dirt, rocks, etc. Taste the fresh water in my bottle. Many people around the world don’t even get those little things, for one reason or another, and we tend to take it all for granted.

So, in my head, I’m substituting the good for the bad in my life and reminding myself that it’s better than nothing.”

3. Time to laugh.

“I listen to comedian podcasts like Conan O’Brian and Marc Maron. While not all Marc’s shows are funny, he has suffered a lot of tragedies this year and keeps going. And he shares how he feels completely and honestly.

We listeners feel like close friends with how he’s shared the pain of this year and I’m grateful to have someone along on my cruddy year.

I also watch live streams on the Explore.org site. They are a nonprofit that has 93 live streams around the world. The sun goes down over Africa about noon EST and they have a live cam in the wild.

The polar bear camera in Manitoba shows the northern lights at night. And brown bears are fishing for salmon this time of year in Alaska. There’s even a kitten rescue cam.

They’re all great for clearing my mind and slowing it down.”

4. Turn it up!

“Blasting music.

It’s not great for my ears but it helps get my mind off things.

I also sometimes spend my time boxing which is a good alternative to self-harm!”

5. Gaming.

“I turn on one of my favorite solo RPG or Adventure games, like FF or Zelda.

I don’t need to focus because I’ve played them a thousand times, yet when I’m paying attention to destroying monsters, I don’t have to think about other things either.”

6. The future.

“I think about my future.

About how some day I’ll grow up and move away and go to college and have a career.”

7. Music helps.

“Songs I listen to: 1. My favorite things 2. Singing In The Rain 3. Orchestra 4. Disney (Specifically, The Next Right Thing, and Show Yourself Instrumental) I also have taken the time to learn to write music.

Whether I’m writing music or listening to music, it gives something else to think about, because I’m focused on the bass line, the melody, and small little things I notice in the music.”

8. You do you.

“I write poetry and eat junk food that isn’t good for me and then I sleep and dream about everything and then I wake up in a bad moo.

But then my best friend brings me out of that bad mood then I’m happy until I get home from school.”

9. Hug it out.

“I hug people a lot. When there are no people, I hug pillow or teddy bear (I got it from my sister so I can be with her and my family even when I am alone).

I also watch a lot of comedy and cute animals to cheer myself up.
In long term, daily routine proves itself to be very important.

Going to bed and getting up early (or at least not too late), having regular meals, going for walks and doing some work help me to keep functioning in daily life.”

10. Good stuff.

“I struggle with depression, and some things I do to cope is cuddle with my kittens, listen to music, and sometimes I just like to blast it so I can’t hear the thoughts telling me I’m not good enough.

But, more often than not, I do cry, and let it out. I like to be alone, even if it’s bad for you, but I don’t like other people seeing me fall apart….”

11. Dancing machine.

“I like to dance where no one can see me. Turn up the music and just move any silly way I want to.

Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh but in the end I always feel better”

12. Building a fort.

“I just lost my dad.

I suddenly found myself building a fort in the woods. I didn’t even realize it was a coping mechanism, until I was standing in my 20×10 hideout equipped with solar power banks, heated sleeping bag, and art supplies.

And I remember being 10 years old and having done the same thing (with much less money) when my parents divorced. Oddly, building my fort made me feel way better than crying or drinking.”

13. Comedy relief.

“Comedy, especially stand ups. Lee Evans is my fave.

I like to share jokes with people as when it makes them laugh it also cheers me up to see other people happy.”

How about you?

Do you have certain things you do to deal with your depression?

If so, please share them with us in the comments. Thanks!