13 People Share the Worst Pain They’ve Ever Felt

For most of us, the answer to this question is probably fairly mundane. Things like childbirth, kidney stones, and broken bones are all up there, and many of us will have those experiences to compare during our lifetimes.

These 13 people had some expected experiences, but they also had some that I definitely never hope I have – I don’t need to find out for myself!

13. I flinched just reading this.

When I was a kid I was standing on the corners of a wooden box balancing myself when I fell and slammed my lady bits right on the edge of the box.

Falling on it actually wasn’t the worst part. It was trying to pee afterwards. It felt like I was pissing glass.

12. There’s no escaping it.

The worst thing about ball pain no matter how it happens is that it’s radiant. You have the pain, but it also makes you sick to your stomach, upsets your bowels, and just creates this dull achey vomity feeling throughout your entire person.

Much like having really bad diarrhea, but with major ball tenderness as well.

11. And neither thing worked.


I used to suffer them so often that I beat my head to the wall from the pain and have my brother (80kg) sit on my head.

10. I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

Tough one between kidney stones and a burst appendix

9. This sounds like a literal nightmare.

I had an abscess on my taint, like smack dab between my balls and asshole. 3 days in i went to the hospital because i was in unbearable pain. He said he didn’t think it was an abscess but gave me antibiotics just in case.

By day 9 i couldn’t walk anymore to go to the bathroom and it was getting worse and was the size of a softball, and started leaking the worst smelling fluid ive ever smelled in my life. At that point it was the worst pain id ever felt, but oh boy did it get worse.

I went to a different hospital and the doctor went “whoever saw you at the other place is an idiot. This needs drained literally right now. I’ll be right back”. So, they drained it, which honestly was relieving as hell at first although it did hurt, seeing as how she’s massaging blood and pus out of an area i couldn’t even bear to touch without wanting to die.

But apparently their was a blood clot they couldn’t get out, so this doctor without warning shoves a scalpel inside my taint and just starts swirling it around hard as fuck. It took everything I had not to squirm around so she could just finish it. It took maybe 2 minutes in total and by the time it was over I was drenched in sweat and just kept going “fuuuuuuuuuuck”.

I went through like 25 baby wipes cleaning all the pus and blood off of myself. When the nurse that was assisting the doctor came back to discharge me, i asked her if i overreacted. She said verbatim “oh hell no. Usually you can hear the screaming on the other side of the hospital when we do that. You did really good actually.”

By far the absolute worst pain I’ve ever felt, a scalpel blade deep in my taint swirling around an already unbearably painful area. I still feel where it was because I’m terrified I’ll get another. Also i had to wear pads for a week, and had to take warm baths so it could keep draining. So my taint was a bloody mess for like a week afterwards lol. That was fun.

8. The worst is when it ruins food.

Gallstone attack.

Fucking hell that hurt.

Was eating dumplings at the time, still can’t taste them without gagging on the memory.

7. Tooth stuff is the worst.

Infected tooth.

Lasted months before my dentist was willing to treat it after giving me the diagnosis.

No pain killers either because they’re lived at ground zero of the opioid crisis.

6. When they just don’t let up.

Not only is the pain the gallbladder can inflict on you bad, but it can be long lasting. I once had an attack that lasted overnight, probably about 10 hours in total.

No sleep, no comfort, no pain relief; just curled up in a fetal position, tossing and turning to try and find some relief, and occasionally having to rush to the sink.

5. The worst part is it’s usually “nothing.”

I sat up to leave after a meeting at work and my entire back seized up. It was all I could do to make it home. I had to lay on the couch in a weird position just to experience no pain. The slightest movement (even lifting a fork) and my back would seize up again.

I finally forced myself that night to go to the ER because my mind was racing with what it could be. X-rays showed nothing so I don’t know to this day what happened. It was about a week before I could fully move. Worst pain I’ve ever felt!

4. I hope to never experience this one, for sure.

My kidney shut down due to an infection from a kidney stone.

I’ve had a lot of kidney stones.

Pain was 10x worse when the kidney shut down.

3. Why did it take so long to get an appointment?

Epididymitis, inflammation of the testicle cord, described as a feeling akin to testicular torsion

At one point it hurt so bad I couldn’t sit up straight in class, took a whole week to get a doctors appointment and at least 2 more days for the meds to really make the pain die down

That was 6 years ago and even to this day that cord is so sensitive that it hurts if I sit wrong and occasionally has mini inflammation episodes

Icing on the cake, pretty sure I was told it could lead to impotence at a younger age than most men

2. I bet the urchin wasn’t all that happy, either.

Stepped on a sea urchin.

Bloody agony, as was having it removed with tweezers.

1. That sounds terrifying.

I accidentally put hydrogen peroxide in my contact before i stick it in my eye thinking it was contact solution.

that 10 seconds where i was rolling on the ground blind screaming at the top of my lungs felt like 10 minutes before i managed to force my eye open and take the contact out.

It was another hour or two of constant red eye pain, but i was drunk a little so i guess that helped numb a bit of pain!

I’m sitting here trying to decide whether kidney stones are worse than labor, but I think they are.

Nobody offers you an epidural for a kidney stone, after all!