13 People Share the Worst Things You Can Do That Are Still Legal

It would be nice if we lived in a perfect world, but you and I both know that’s just not reality.

In fact, there are all kinds of unfair things that happen in the world and yet they are totally, absolutely 100% legal.

These responses might get you a little worked up…

AskReddit users talked about that are really bad but still totally legal. Let’s take a look.

1. Creeping some people out.

“I’m just gonna have to say little girl’s beauty pageants. It just doesn’t sit right with me.

And not only because of the fact it’s creepy, but I feel like it’s stressful on the kid and on their body image.”

2. Makes my heart skip a beat.

“Sending letters to home owners labeled “IMPORTANT MORTGAGE / FINANCIAL INFO” or “LAST WARNING / NOTICE” and having the inside look exactly like a bill, letterhead and little box in the corner with figures inside… all to then say “refinance with us” or “don’t miss this opportunity for etc etc”

Makes me heart skip every time thinking I’ve forgotten some critical bill until I open it.”

3. They don’t need all that.

“Being forced to fork up your personal data and access to EVERYTHING in your phone to use a stupid app that makes a picture of your dog sing.

It should not be allowed at all.”

4. Enough!

“Motherf*cking phone calls from telemarketes and salesmen.

I get they are just trying to do a living, but if I block your phone once, DON’T CALL ME ON A NEW NUMBER aaaaaargh.”

5. What?!?!

“Co-workers that don’t shower.

We had a new girl in our department that did not want to be there and I think she deliberately made herself as stank and throat wretchingly smelly as possible, it literally made my eyes water working next to her.

Funny enough she was a newly wed, I feel for some people not being taught how to care for themselves hygienically, but I doubt that was her problem. The smell still haunts me.”

6. This is very true.

“College book prices and practices. Change a few words in a math book, that’ll be another $100 please.

Oh, you realized that you can use the book from 10 years ago and succeed Actually, we require you get the new book. It should literally be illegal.

Oh you realized you can get the book cheaper from a friend? Actually we’re doing online books now and you need the personalized code. We change it every year even though there have been no breakthroughs in this subject!

Knowing the college struggle, I have no f*cking clue how this is allowed to exist. It should literally be illegal.”

7. It’s everywhere.

“Lying through your teeth on “news” shows because you claim you’re actually “entertainment”. Even while it has “news” in the title of the station.

Being able to lie through your teeth on an opinion show just bc it’s an opinion show. Opinions should be opinions about facts. Opinion should not be an excuse for slander or making knowingly false statements in the media.”

8. That’s creepy.

“Underage marriage. If the parents say that it’s okay for the girl to be married, they can be.

Even worse once the child is married the spouse becomes the legal guardian so they can’t divorce them or any other guardian related item until 18 and by then it could be to late.”

9. Doesn’t end well.

“No-knock warrants.

We’ve seen time and time again where Law Enforcement has the wrong address and some innocent person ends up dead because of a logistical mistake.”

10. Ugh.

“Here in Canada, female g*nital mutilation is common in the Somali community.

The police and the government are very aware of it but because its “cultural,” no one wants to stop it.

It is still legal in Canada.”

11. Doesn’t seem fair.

“Not giving your employees emergency sick leave, PTO, etc. because you have less than 15 employees so by law you don’t have to.

As an employee you also can’t pursue legal action through the disability act, coronavirus relief acts, or employment law, because the employer has less than 15 employees.

My advice? Don’t move to Florida.”

12. The wheels of justice.

“Civil forfeiture, wherein law enforcement can take your property because they think maybe it was or will be used in a crime and you have to prove it wasn’t.”

13. Amen to this.

“The cost of healthcare in the US.

My mom had a large grapefruit sized bowel obstruction a few years ago and had to have emergency surgery to save her life. She followed that surgery with a 1 week stay in ICU and another 2 weeks in a regular room because the damage was so bad that they had to remove a LOT of her colon/intestines and place a colostomy bag.

Her bill was almost $1 million when all was said and done. And she didn’t have insurance at the time, so that entire burden was on her and my dad. Our healthcare system is f*cking atrocious, and frankly, embarrassing.”

Okay, now it’s your turn.

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