13+ People Share Their Favorite Way To Illustrate The Quantity Vs. Quality Argument

Image Credit: Pixabay

Quantity vs. quality is the idea that you can have a lot of cheap stuff, or a few nice things, but not both.

Sometimes, like when you go to Taco Bell, you opt for quantity. Other times you spend $100 on dinner and need to stop at Taco Bell on the way home because you’re still hungry.

Below are 13+ stories from Reddit that illustrate these life choices make a lot of sense. Especially if you want to save money. And you DO want to save money, right?!?!

15. Dozens of morons

Medical treatment.

Give me a few top notch providers over dozens of morons who don’t know what they’re doing.

14. Last you a lifetime


One quality screwdriver, wrench or whatever will last you a lifetime and can replace dozens of cheap tools.

13. A couple of good quality pieces


I used to buy so many cheap items of clothing because it was only a few dollars. Then one day I realized I had so much clothing but nothing that great or that lasted more than a few uses.

It’s so much better to buy a couple of good quality pieces of clothing that you can wear for multiple occasions than to buy a bunch of cheap stuff.

12. 30 years later

Approximately 30 years ago I bought a couple of cooking spoons, each a solid piece of stainless steel. Paid $6 total.

My mother in law bitched at me for “wasting money” because I could have gotten the cheap chromed ones with plastic handles for $3.78 total. I said the two I chose would last longer. She said I just wanted fancy things and thought I was better than other people.

I’m still using mine 30 years later. Hell, my grandchildren will probably be using them.

They are beautiful and functional.

11. Good quality stuff


Can’t believe no one else has said this, and I don’t mean to shame anyone/“too much makeup is disgusting” but you can get a good coverage with good quality products instead of having to reapply shit stuff by layers.

10. Definitely worth the cash


Specially if you’re active and/or work on your feet.

9. A thousand tiny pooplets

I’d prefer one mighty poop over pebble-dashing the back of the toilet with a thousand tiny pooplets.

8. Much better

A party. I used to party a lot, because I thought that’s what fun was supposed to be. Now I just sometimes go to the parties I myself really like. Much, much better.

7. A world of difference

A nice, fitted suit versus three ill-fitted suits purchased from an average place. Same price, but makes a world of difference.

6. Last days

My mom’s last days. Two weeks from pancreatic cancer diagnosis to her death. We were expecting to be able to care for her at home for at least a couple of months (she refused treatment). But two days after coming home, realizing how much strain would be put on us to care for her. My eldest niece was on the verge of dropping out of her final year of school to look after her beloved Granny. I think my mom – always the stubborn independent one – just decided, naah. Not doing this to my family. I’m going to go see my husband.

But honestly – the two days we had with her were all quality. Someone was sitting with her every second. She battled to speak at the end, but her kids and grand kids and her puppy were all there. We all got to say everything that had always been unsaid. When we ran out of words we sang to her. She literally died in her granddaughters’ arms.

Of course we’d have loved a bit longer, but for her quality was definitely better than the quantity that would just have included increasing suffering and dependence and indignity.

5. No questions asked

Work. You will have some bosses that say ‘take any time you need, get your job done and be ready to work when you have too.’ While others want your butt in a chair at your desk for 8 hours every day, no questions asked.

4. For hours and hours

Studying! I have friends who study for hours and hours but don’t target specific material in a way that’s effective. There have been tons of academic studies that show which kinds of studying are the most effective for retention so I stick to those and end up studying for far less time.

Edit: Worst studying techniques are cramming and rereading or highlighting the material, best studying techniques are slower and cumulative and involve rewriting the material into a study guide or flash cards, as well as doing lots of practice questions.

3. One good one

One good kitchen knife.

One good pan for cooking.

Cowboy Bebop is only 26 episodes.

2. Better for the show

There’s been a recent trend of TV shows only having having like 10 episodes per season instead of 20+ and a lot of times it’s so much better for the show.

1. I’ve saved so much money

Me in high school = buys cheap earphones to use for the week just to see it inevitably break.

Me today = sweet wireless noise cancelling earbuds with pretty good sound quality and fast charging.

I’ve saved so much money.

Some days you want a lot, some days you want good.

What kind of day is today?