13 People Share Their Most Unpopular Music Opinions

I’m gonna go on the record and just say it.

I don’t really like Pearl Jam.

There, I said it…

Do they have a few good songs?

Sure. But I really don’t understand all the hype and the folks who absolutely WORSHIP them.

But that’s just me…

What’s your unpopular music opinion?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Tired of it.

“As a black man i’m tired of other black people calling anything other than Rap/hip hop, gospel music “White people music”.

I listen to EDM house and stuff like that and I always get odd reactions to me playing music because its not what they think id listen to.

Makes me self conscious about what I listen to.”

2. It’s up to you.

“It’s ok if your favorite song is also the most popular.

I am a d**hard Nirvana fan, I own every released recording, I own countless bootlegs, I’ve heard every Cobain composition that’s out there.

And f**k you all, Smells Like Teen Spirit is fantastic and tied for my favorite.”

3. Not bad.

“It infuriates me when people say something is “bad” or someone is “talentless”.

I don’t like Ariana Grande but she’s far from “talentless”. It’s just not my type of music.”

4. Dolly.

“Dolly Parton, who wrote the song “I will always love you,” sings it better than Whitney Houston.

Just feels like Dolly Parton is actually telling me she loves me, in song, whilst Whitney Houston is screaming it, so not endearing, and showing off her vocal range.”

5. Yes, they are.

“Artist names are getting ridiculous.

They’re starting to look like AOL IM usernames.”

6. Saturday night fever.

“Disco is awesome.

And The Bee Gees are also awesome.”

7. Everyone is welcome.

“I love it when people engage with metal regardless of how much it is.

Even if it’s “just” liking Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in Stranger Things or wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt without ever having heard a single song of theirs.

My unpopular opinion (in the metal community) is: It’s a party – everybody is welcome – F**k the gatekeepers.”

8. If you say so.

“Courtney Love has actually done a very good job of maintaining and protecting Kurt and Nirvana’s legacy.”

9. Crossover.

“Artists can change genres!

You don’t listen to one genre, right?

They likely don’t either so why not create more than one?”

10. All kinds of bangers.

“Every genre of music has something to offer. There’s so many “rap sucks”, “country sucks”, “pop sucks” takes out there.

You just haven’t found a good song in that genre. There’s bangers in literally every genre.”

11. Country legend.

“Marty Robbins is the best storyteller to ever live.

All of his g**fighter albums are incredible if you like stories, heartbreak and cowboys.

The song ‘They’re Hanging Me Tonight’ is always stuck in my head.”

12. Sounds.

“There’s no such thing as “real music” or “cheating” at music. Sounds are sounds, like the ones you like.

I do personally prefer organic sounds, but digital is valid and I feel like that’s an unpopular opinion among people that prefer organic sounds.”

13. Cover songs.

“Covers are not less valid than Originals.

In some cases, the Cover is even better.

Also, not knowing a song is a Cover is not a sin, and treating it as such is a form of gatekeeping.”

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