13 People Share What They Think Isn’t Nearly as Attractive as Other Folks Do

I must be getting old because there are a bunch of things I see going on in the pop culture universe that just don’t make any sense to me, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty.

Lip implants, butt implants, etc.

It’s all whack to me and totally UNattractive.

What do you think is not as attractive as other folks do?

Let’s see how AskReddit users responded to this.

1. No, thanks.

“Playing hard to get.

It does not in any way make me think “oh I should persue them harder”, it only makes me think they’re not interested and I leave them alone.”

2. Know-it-all.

“Loud, assertive confidence when you’re not an expert on the topic.

That’s like 90% of society, bunch of morons pretending to be experts.”

3. Gross.

“Dissing your exes.

If you’re not currently with them, then I assume it didn’t work out. Explaining that it was all their fault for the relationship failing makes me extremely suspicious. Even if it was all their fault, if you keep pointing that out then you are not the kindhearted angel you make yourself out to be.

Being cruel or angry about the people you used to f**k does not in any way make me more interested in becoming the next person you f**k.”

4. I don’t get it.

“Those horrendous jacked up lips everyone is getting.

Y’all look like you’ve had an allergic reaction.”

5. Weird.

“Tiktok boys biting their lip and rubbing their hands.

One woman who stitched one boy like that said it right: you look like a housefly.

Stop it.”

6. Not buying it.

“One-upping people.

I get it, you’re competitive.

You’re also kind of a jerk.”

7. I don’t understand that.

“When they make their inability in something a personality trait.

Like no girl, being a horrible cook isn’t a personality trait nor is being unhygienic.”

8. Nope!

“Flaunting money.

I get it, you’re rich, doesn’t mean everyone else is below you.”

9. Bizarre.

“Those super plump butts that the Kardashians are getting removed (because they can change their body shapes, which is cool I guess?).

I read the funniest comment a while back … Kim was wearing tight pants and she literally looked like a toddler sporting a loaded diaper.

It’s frightening the lengths people go to for aesthetics, but I get it if your image is your brand worth millions/billions.”

10. Are you aliens?

“Those Instagram filters that make every girl look exactly alike.

Blurry shiny face with giant eyes and a pointy nose…SO HOT.”

11. Doesn’t look natural.

“Fake tans.

As someone who manages rental cabins by the beach, the amount of sheets that get ruined because of this….”

12. Sup, bro.

“Being aggressively “manly”.

Like dude, you refusing to wear pink, use a straw, put a seatbelt on, whatever, it just makes you seem like a jerk and it’s super unnatractive and honestly pathetic.”

13. Is that Groucho?

“Those enormous stenciled on eyebrows.

A little fill and grooming never hurt anybody but if you look like a Marx brother you might rethink your makeup.”

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