13 People Share What’s Much More Dangerous Than Most Folks Realize

Fact: there is literally danger lurking around every corner every time you step outside your house.

Speeding cars, wild animals, sketchy people, etc.

And there are also a lot of dangerous things out there that you don’t even realize…

People on AskReddit spoke up about what is much more dangerous than most folks realize. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Risky.


It’s actually a lot easier to overdose on than most people realize, and it slowly destroys your liver over a period of days.

Not a fun way to d** to put it lightly.”

2. Can be dangerous.

“Exploring abandoned places.

When I was a kid I would do it all the time and take photos without any form of facial protection. Fast forward years later and I learn about how toxic certain molds can be, how many older buildings used materials like asbestos which can be in the air when places are left to rot, etc. At this point I just thank God I never had to deal with the aftermath of any of that!

Also to anyone who enjoys doing this, I get it. I just want to bring awareness to the fact that if you participate a respirator and goggles should be a must!

Also as a side note, be wary of scrappers and individuals looking for a place to do drugs had a run in like that during one of the last excursions I made and it’s not fun.”

3. Gotta be careful.

“Touch screen consoles in cars. Mazda now disables touch functionality in their vehicles because they found that when drivers interact with the touch screen they drift the vehicle to the right.

Taking your eyes off the road to press 3 buttons in three different positions on the touch screen, with a latency each time you press a button, because your seat heaters are literally burning your a**, while trying to maintain control of the vehicle during freeway traffic is God d**ned dangerous.”

4. Eyes on the road.


Over 120 people a year d** from deer directly, and another 175 to 200 from car accidents caused by deer (with some 10,000 injuries), and more d**ths and injuries related to deer hunting. By the way, deer are pretty mean and terrible parents.

I have seen a deer push her fawn ahead of her near the food, to see if there is a predator, then, if the fawn is ok, go out and hit the fawn to get at the food herself.”

5. Heavy machinery.

“Adam Savage has a good explanation about respecting workshop equipment. Last year, he had an accident with his lathe where it almost destroyed his hand.

Seeing him get emotional about not only the accident but also that he allowed it happen was quite sobering. I think he claimed that the brief lapse of judgement was almost akin to him putting too much trust into it and he felt like he didn’t respect it at that moment.”

6. Gotta know what you’re doing.

“Horses. They weigh 1200 pounds, they’re extremely jittery, and they can crush you or kick you to d**th on accident.

And that’s just horses in general. Stallions will try to hurt you just to assert dominance. And these are animals that have been known to bite each other’s throats out when they fight.

Don’t mess with horses unless you know what you’re doing. Always be careful, even if you do.”

7. Keep an eye on that thyroid.

“Anything to do with the thyroid.

It’s a bit more well known nowadays, but when I first was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (they told me it was Hypothyroidism at first), I didn’t even know what the thyroid was.

For people who might not know, the thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in your throat. Without getting into it too much, it releases hormones that regulate many things. You wouldn’t expect this tiny little organ to be so important, but holy c**p it is.

I found out I had thyroid issues when I was 15 after I was constantly tired, had irregular periods (I’ve gone two months without a period before), my weight was out of wack, my mental health was constantly declining, and I had issues with breathing among other symptoms.

Apparently if I hadn’t started taking thyroid medication when I did, I would’ve gone into a coma within 2 weeks.

It didn’t help that I had a dad who constantly made fun of my weight and appearance even after finding out I had thyroid issues and learning how hard it was for me to loose weight. Turns out, his two sisters had Hypothyroidism and his brother had Hyperthyroidism.

It took quite a few years to finally find hormonal balance and I’m 20 now, but I’m doing a lot better than I was before, physically and mentally.”

8. Get moving!

“Lack of exercise.

People think if they’re sedentary but just eat so little that they don’t get overweight, then they’re just as healthy.

Sadly, no. Simply being thin does not equate to being healthy.

100 calorie snacks are not saving your life, they’re nothing but another sales tactic. A way to sell you less for more.”

9. Get out while you can.

“Toxic relationships.

Far too many s**cides happen because of bad relationships and no other way out.”

10. Swept out to sea.

“I live on the north coast of California.

People do not take seriously the signs that are posted on the beach regarding sneaker waves. If you are standing along the shoreline and not paying attention water can rush past on overtake you.

So when walking on the beach keep your head on a swivel and be mindful of the water.”

11. Don’t do it!

“I’ve heard enough horror stories from my parents who are both nurses to last me a lifetime.

Legs on the dash of a car are not allowed while I’m driving for this reason alone”

12. Put down the work once in a while.

“Working to d**m much.

I know, it’s expected, you’re a lazy f**k if you don’t. It leads to not getting rest so your body can heal, a really f**ked social life (i.e. none), and just general stress, which suppresses your immune system, appetite, and even your heart.

Also, people that nag about you not working enough. Huge health risk, both to themselves and others. We aren’t ever gonna make them happy no matter what, so f**k em, let them freak out and have a heart attack.”

13. Not worth it.


People are way too eager to prove who’s the bigger bada**. Hit someone the wrong way or start something with the wrong person and someone’s not going home. Then if the police show up, someone’s getting charged.

Depending on the severity of the other parties injuries and the word of witnesses, you could be going away for a very long time. Not to mention the civil suites that may bury you in debt.”

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