13 People Share Who They Think Will Be Remembered in 500 Years Who Is Alive Today

It’s pretty wild to think about who will be remembered 100 years from now, let alone 500 years…but that’s what we’re gonna talk about today!

So who do you think it would be?

Bill Gates?

Barack Obama?

Michael Jordan?

Vladimir Putin?

What a fun question to ponder!

AskReddit users talked about who is alive today that they think will be remembered in 500 years.

Let’s take a look.

1. Hmmm…

“Xi Jinping.

An ascendant China is going to scramble the world order for centuries.

As it’s leader during the hegemonic shift he’ll be remembered.”

2. Trailblazer.

“Barack Obama.

Regardless of your political views, he was the first black President of the United States.”

3. King of horror.

“Stephen King.

A legendary writer with an absolutely staggering catalog of works that have massively influenced other industries like film and TV.

I don’t think he will be easily forgotten.”

4. A master.

“John Williams, I hope.

He’s one of the best composer currently alive, and I wish his work will be still celebrated in a few centuries.”

5. Look him up.

“Tim Berners-Lee.

I think the internet will be remembered alongside the printing press as ushering in a new age, and this guy will be the name that is taught behind that.”

6. Probably.

“Elon Musk

in 500 years school kids will take field trips to visit his disembodied head floating in a jar at his Martian presidential palace.”

7. A poet.

“My bet is on Bob Dylan.

If we have a Shakespeare of our time, Dylan is definitely a top contender.”

8. He’s amazing.

“Danny Elfman will be remembered as the greatest composer of the turn of the century.

If you don’t think so, google his name and see what all he has composed.”

9. Won’t be pretty.

“Maybe Rupert Murdoch?

He’s set back our response to climate change irrevocably.

He might be remembered as the devil he is.”

10. The power of film.

“Martin Scorcese and Francis Ford Coppola maybe.

I imagine films will be great historical documents of the 20th century, you see/hear how people talked, dressed, how cities and towns looked.

They can tell you a lot about a society and culture.”

11. A big influence.

“Noam chomsky.

His work in linguistics completely changed our understanding of how the human mind organizes and interprets language.

He’s also been a huge influence on our understanding of politics/government/media.”

12. A visionary.

“Possibly Yo-Yo Ma.

Sure, today he may not be somebody you hear on the radio like Justin Bieber or lana del Rey etc. But in the appropriate circles he’s pretty much a living visionary.

The same way a child might learn to play Bach or Beethoven, a cellist in 500 years might learn a Ma piece.”

13. Interesting.

“Kip S. Thorne.

Fantastic speaker and wonderful scientist. Classic story of someone who spent a career (40+ years) working on a particular problem and ended up being one of the central members on the team that discovered gravitational waves.

I’m beyond underqualified to speak on the subject but it truly is a discovery on the proportions of Galileo and it’s likely that his name, beyond 500 years from now, will be discussed.”

Who do you think will be remembered in 500 years that is alive now?

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