13 People Talk About the Drama That’s Going on at Their Jobs and School Right Now

People just can’t seem to avoid drama, can they?

It just seems to follow some folks around like a stench they can’t get rid of…

But at least it makes for some good stories for the rest of us!

People on AskReddit shared the gossip that’s going on at their jobs and school these days.

Let’s see what’s going on!

1. That backfired.

“I made a complaint to my boss that our only manager has been doing a sh**ty job.

Everybody was on my side, until she had a breakdown and claimed she was “ganged up on”.

Now everybody is trying to place the blame on me.”

2. A hostel in Amsterdam…

“I work in a hostel in Amsterdam.

It’s a quick turn around because we hire travelers who are passing through and we let them work for there bed, changing bed sheets and cleaning toilets. People usually stay a couple months. There’s this new guy who everyone loves but I am growing more and more suspicious of him.

Things keep going missing in the rooms that he cleans. Started off small. Earphones, sunglasses, hats. Last week 150 pounds was stolen and two days later he asked me the exchange rate for 150 pounds to euros. He also told me that he is traveling on his brothers passport using a fake name and was kicked out of his parents house for stealing.

I don’t know who to turn to. I like the guy but we can’t have a thief working in the building. I’ve got lots of juicy stories. We get some crazy characters coming through.”

3. Doing his thing.

“There’s a mouse in the coffee room hiding under the fridge that the secretary has named Frederick.

I saw him this morning.

We aren’t bros or anything but I don’t h**e him.”

4. Oh, no!

“My manager left and the rumor is that the co-worker no one gets along with is being groomed to move up and replace her.

She literally refuses to talk to anyone unless it’s to yell at them for something a few times a week.

No small talk, no hellos, only when she sees something she doesn’t like will she open her mouth.”

5. Not cool.

“My girlfriend is Asst Stage Managing a show for one of her degrees.

Every night the stage has to be reset, including a decent amount of heavy lifting. The other asst stage manager never helps and just looks at the prop closet pretending to take inventory.

Leaves my tiny little GF to do everything. She’s also condescending AF.”

6. Terminated.

“Most every non management employee working in the office will be terminated within the next 6 months.

The 7-8 people will all be replaced with 2-3 new people that have a basic grasp of what it’s like to be accountable. We will also be terminating our contract with our security company and our landscaping company.

Our current security company doesn’t do foot patrols unless required, and our landscaping company let’s everything get overgrown and spends about 5 hours blowing leaves into the wind creating huge clouds of dust and debris.”

7. Ugh.

“Pet store drama.

There’s this girl who is a complete, utter terrible human being. She is so fake and talks s**t about everyone, and acts like everything is high school and she finally has the chance to be the popular kid.

I won’t go into detail about it because that’s not the point, but everyone h**ed her. The only reason she was still employed…

She was f**king the boss. Anyways, she goes on being completely terrible getting other dudes numbers while she’s dating the boss. Going on dates, having s** with another co-worker all while dating the boss. She bragged about it to everyone cause she didn’t know everyone knew, she was again, dating the boss.

Now the boss, was quite frankly, a giant pansy a** b**ch. Or he liked being cuckolded not really sure on that one. Through people complaining about her, customers complaining about her, he does absolutely nothing. But the terrible b**ch terrorizes everyone, and gets away with it because she is invincible through means of her nasty vagina, right?

Wrong. Her potential borderline personality f**ks everything up. She went into the computer systems and was slowly stealing everyone’s sales, she came in late to work everyday by like 30 minutes, and she started lying to customers. There’s only so much the boss could cover for her at that point…

As she was close to getting caught, and feeling the pressure, she got into a fight with the boss at his house. Like a physical fight punching and scratching the s**t out of him, breaking TVs and s**t, just in general losing her f**king mind.

He finally gets the b**ch out his house, she gets in her car and f**king destroys his lawn. Running over bushes and flowers, using her tires to destroy the grass. Apparently boss pansy dude loved his lawn.

Now she’s fired, and all parties are pressing charges. S**ual harassment, battery, fraud, theft… And it’s the perfect karma for the both of them.

8. Doh!

“A few graduate students in my program are in trouble for cheating on a mathematics test.

How they got caught?

Their tests were line-for-line exactly alike. Same errors and everything.

Buncha morons.”

9. Sounds like fun.

“I have a coworker that is a full blown narcissist.

Like most narcissists, she also comes with a big ol’ helping of victim complex. She will even go as far as to invent trivial situations in which she was wronged so she can play the victim and collect sympathy.

A few weeks ago, she angrily announced to the entire office that EVERYONE must be using her creamer in the fridge since it was being used up so quickly. It was clear that she was the only one using it since all the coffee drinkers have their own creamer.

So ever since then, I’ve been pouring small amounts of her creamer down the drain every few days, just to f**k with her.

It’s so ridiculously petty and childish, but it brings me immense joy.”

10. Really dumb.

“Two guys got kicked out of an apprenticeship program I’m in that had 60 places with over 5,000 applicants.

They got dr**k one evening and broke down a door in the hotel they were in and beat the s**t outta each other.

A once in a lifetime opportunity wasted.”

11. Gross.

“I work in a bakery in a grocery store that has black mold growing in the walls.

My employer refuses to do anything about it, and I have pictures dating back over a year of the mold. We even called corporate about it and they haven’t done anything either.

In the 4 years I’ve worked here I’ve gotten sick constantly, and I’ve had a lingering cough for almost the whole year.

I’m considering calling OSHA and/ or the local news.”

12. Harrassment.

“One of the managers in my office who is gay sent facebook messages to one of the people under him, a straight gent, asking him if he wanted to “experiment”.

Upon being told no, that he was straight, the manager told him he would “have fun” and that he always wanted to play with a straight dude.

The guy reported it to his direct manager, who had basically mentored the harassing manager and was furious about it. She said she would take things to HR but the guy being harassed felt embarassed and awkward and said he would be fine as long as he never did it again and she talked to him.

She took her “protege” into a room and tore into him, now the male manager won’t look either of them in the eye, has notably lost confidence, and the female manager is basically bodyguarding all her male employees.

Only those 3 people know. And me, because I happened to be there when the dude was super upset and needed someone to talk to. Respect for the manager is entirely gone.

The harassed guy is leaving for another company for a number of reasons but that’s a huge one.”

13. Carl.

“We have an employee named “Carl”.

Carl is That Guy, you know he was unpopular and unsuccessful growing up, never changed, and now he’s in his 40s so that’s his lot in life. Carl graduated high school with the president of our company who is a total Golden Boy, so you can imagine Carl’s insecurity.

Well. Carl got demoted a few years back and now does a job that’s pretty entry-level. He didn’t get fired because Golden Boy felt sorry for him. At the time our company was small, so Carl’s job title wasn’t a big deal.

Well, we’ve grown substantially and there are now people in their mid/late 20s with the same job title as Carl, and they are way better at this job than Carl ever was. You can sense the insecurities growing.

One of these people in their 20s is “Greg”, who’s especially really good at his job and will be getting promoted to Carl’s previous job title within the next few years. Greg is a good friend of mine, and I’m really happy for him that he’s succeeding here.

Carl, on the other hand, is not. Carl will constantly make digs at Greg that he passes off as “jokes”, but you know they come from a very salty place. A lot of it has to do with Carl tracking Greg’s office attendance, which he has never been tasked with but has taken upon himself. See, Greg works 7:30-3:30 instead of the typical 9-5 because, well, he wants to and the bosses don’t mind.

Carl works 7-6 because he’d rather be here than home with his miserable wife. So every time Greg leaves at 3:30, Carl makes some sideways comment along the lines of, “oh, look at Greg skipping out early again!” Recently, Carl has also been checking up on Greg.

For example, if Greg has to go to a company worksite, Carl will text someone at that worksite checking that Greg got there. Obviously the text recipient tells Greg this immediately, and Greg gets super p**sed, yet Carl will swear up and down that it’s “just a joke”.

Well, today it all came to a head. Carl pulled his little texting maneuver and when Greg came back to the office, he just f**king lost it on Carl. Telling Carl that his job isn’t to track Greg’s whereabouts, that he’s sick of Carl’s s**t, just dressing this guy down.

Carl was less than pleased, and they’ve been meeting with HR throughout the day.”

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