13 People Talk About What Makes Absolutely No Sense to Them

I’m not trying to sound like a grumpy, old man, but the world just seems to keep getting more and more confusing.

Are you with me on this one, or am I slowly losing my mind?

Whatever the case, we think you’re going to enjoy these answers from folks on AskReddit who talked about things that make no sense to them.

Take a look!

1. Pretty weird.

“Credit scores.

Especially how completely paying off a loan can significantly lower your credit score.”

2. What’s the difference?

“Not letting people who work behind a counter sit down

You’re lazy if you aren’t standing all day I guess.

Some guy who sits on his a** all day in an office came up with that s**t.”

3. The good stuff!

“The price of beef jerky.

Everybody talks about gas prices, but not the fact of I just paid almost 9 dollars for a bag of Jack Link’s.”

4. Hmmm…

“How “normal income” people afford to go on vacations.

Is everyone just living in massive amounts of debt or what? I can barely afford to go camping for Christ’s sake and I don’t owe the bank anything!

Who in their right mind would take out a line of credit to go somewhere?”

5. Give it a shot!


The idea of moving my body around in time with music is completely alien and unfathomable to me.”

6. The mystery of LOVE.

“It is weird how this random person you basically randomly met at one time in your life suddenly becomes the most important person in your life, so much that you would kill for that person.

The same person can suddenly become the person you want to k**l if that person breaks your heart. If you have would have never met that person, you wouldn’t have any negative or positive feelings about that person, but would have those feelings for another person.

In the end love is one of those things that don’t need to make sense. It is something to just enjoy when it happens.”

7. Nothing to brag about.

“People being proud of traits or actions that are negative or at least not positive.

For example, people proudly saying that they don’t read or don’t exercise.”

8. How does it work?

“I have no problem with the fact that my phone can play any song in existence with one touch, but I am still baffled by how vinyls and CDs work.”

9. You’re preaching to the choir.

“The love/idolization of the Kardashians or other talentless “celebrities”.

Blows my mind.”

10. Rude.

“People making messes in stores and public bathrooms – I don’t get it.

I don’t understand. I don’t mean children, I mean adults making a mess, littering, putting frozen items on clothing shelves, and adults sh**ting or pi**ing all over public bathrooms.

How do you find it in you to do it and leave like you did nothing wrong? I don’t get it.”

11. Baffling.

“How al**hol is legal but m**ijuana still isn’t everywhere.

More so, how m**ijuana still needs a drug screening for jobs, etc.

Makes no sense to me when al**hol can be way worse than any effects of ma**juana.”

12. Round and round we go.

“Why we have to go to college for 4 years to get a job to pay for that college, most of the time to be told that we need experience to get experience, and if not, we barely get paid enough for bills to live, much less for the loans we had to take out for college.

We’re either in school or working our whole lives.”

13. The same premise.

“People who say vaccines are a personal choice but believe everyone should wear a seatbelt and drive safely.

It’s the same premise, doodoo birds.”

What makes no sense to you?

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