13 People Talk About What They Think Has No Real Reason to Be So Expensive

Have you filled up your gas tank lately?

Whoa, boy, it’s pretty rough out there!

And I’m not too bright so I don’t understand how gas prices go up and down…so I don’t get it!

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s what AskReddit users think has no reason to be so expensive.

Take a look!

1. For your peepers.


Like sorry I was born with bad eyes and now have to fork over hundreds of dollars just to be able to see anything.”

2. Kinda weird.

“Dental care.

Me: breaks bone

Insurance: we cover that.

Me: breaks tooth

Insurance: sorry, but you didn’t buy our Premium Bitey Bones package.”

3. What?!?!


I saw tweezers at Walgreens today for $21.”

4. Strange.


I get that just because it’s a digital item that doesn’t mean the author and publisher shouldn’t make money off it, but it makes no f**king sense for the ebook to be $2 less than the hardcover. There’s significantly less costs to the publishers with ebooks, why do they cost so much??

It’s so f**king annoying to go on Amazon and it’s like “$36 new hardback, $30 new paperback, $28 ebook, $10 used hardback”. Why would I want the ebook when it’s that expensive?! And I saw this as someone who is incredibly low on space for books and who doesn’t even mind reading ebooks.”

5. Not happy about it.

“Buying and/or selling a house.

There are so many people with their hands out that literally push paper and make a few phone calls.

Total scam.”

6. They want it, too.

“Theater tickets.

Stop being snobs and let us poor folk experience live Broadway shows too, please.”

7. People do like them.


And it’s not like they’re even worth it.

I’m an FCA tech, and I bought a Hyundai because I got every single option and more for like 20k less.”

8. Wow.

“Auto-generated NFT art.

I am really sad that bored monkey arts are more expensive than art people put effort in.

I hope the value will fall to nothing.”

9. Yikes.

“Feminine hygiene products.

There is no reason to spend 30 bucks a month for something that isn’t even my choice.

I don’t want to bleed for 7-10 days . If I could I would just rip out my uterus.”

10. Through the roof.

“I honestly can’t believe that nowhere in this post as of right now can EDUCATION be found.

Now, college doesn’t have to be free, but recently the prices have gone through the roof and based on this post, it seems to have been normalized.”

11. Bad in the U.S.

“Health insurance, healthcare, etc.

If I get sick, I pay a $100 company to go to urgent care. I typically them them what I need or have a good idea going in there what I need. I can’t get in with my primary care doctor when sick, he is booked 8 weeks in advance.

After I see the doc in a box, I have to go buy the medicine, but it’s not the same at every pharmacy!!! No. You have to call around and let them call your insurance and see.”

12. Pretty insane.

“Running for office in America.

The cost to run a successful campaign in America for virtually any state level or higher political office is simply unattainable for the common person and prices out anyone but the ruling class of oligarchs and those with connections to it.

Sure there examples of candidates outside the typical wealthy and ingrained political establishment, but they are the rare exception, not the rule.

With US House races costing over $2 million and Senate races costing over $16 million the average person, no matter how well educated and how well qualified, is automatically eliminated without a vast amount of personal wealth or connections to the individuals, corporations, and parties that do hold that power.

So the halls of congress and the seat of power is never filled with our best and brightest, but instead those with the wealth to attain that power and the conviction to maintain that status quo at virtually any cost to the people.”

13. A shame.


Most of the money we “give” to our government either disappears or gets pi**ed down the drain.

If the government cannot responsibly spend OUR money, then they really have no business handling it at all.”

What do you think has no real reason to be so expensive?

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