13 People Talk About What They Think Is Cool Now but Won’t Be In Five Years

There are few things that really stay legitimately cool for longer than a few years.

Do you remember HyperColor t-shirts?

They were all the rage when I was young and everyone in my school wanted one and then the next year…it was like they never even existed.

That’s just the way it goes, folks.

What do you think is cool now but won’t be in five years?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Like a rat’s nest.

“That stupid yee yee haircut that all the teenage boys are rocking.

The one with the short sides and mop top rat’s nest on top.”

2. No more, please.

“Hopefully these insincere, corporate emails that we keep receiving, reassuring us of their response to every single political event that occurs.”

3. Weird.

“Panting brick houses white.

3 houses on my street did this recently and 2 of them they didn’t do enough layers of paint because you can still see the brick color under it and it looks awful.”

4. I’m listening, professor.

“That brand of Twitter users that overuses “scholarly” language to make really simple and vague statements.”

5. Withering down.


Nothing personal against it, I just think that 5 years is a good timespan for it to wither down considerably.”

6. Disgusted.

“In the UK, incessant advertising for gambling. It is disgusting to me that almost half of adverts on TV and online are for this putrid activity.

It should be seen in the same way as s**king or drinking and not normalised. Imagine having an addiction to something and seeing it everywhere you go, not cool at all.

Hopefully those in charge will pull their heads out their a**es and change this as I am sick of it.”

7. So gross.

“Mental illness.

At school, people think having depression or anxiety is “cool” and “aesthetic. ”

They also move MY stuff, eg pens, and then say they have OCD. They have absolutely NO knowledge of what these words even mean.

Its very strange.”

8. Over it.


Given that the content keeps merely developing and other providers creating their own platforms.

Already feel often bored zapping through the programs.”

9. Terrible.


It is estimated that Earth is losing roughly 1.2 trillion tons of ice per year.

Throughout the 1990s, ice loss was about 760 billions tons per year.”

10. Thank you!

“Mom jeans.

I just… don’t get it. My 12 year old LOVES them though. She is in that insecure phase in her life (changing body etc) but she puts on her mom jeans and she is a whole new person. She even takes off the XXL sweater and will wear a t-shirt around.

Her confidence soars in the mom jeans. I don’t understand it but it’s awesome to see her feel so good.”

11. Way too many.

“Micro transactions.

I mean in-game purchases in Fortnite and Roblox with kids. We got our son a Greenlight card to get him into buying things with his own allowance. Problem is as soon as it hits his account, I see a purchase in one of these games.

I’ve explained to him about saving, and part of that allowance goes into a savings account, but the part he can spend, he spends. I hope he looks back on what he spent his money on and realizes that $5 for a stupid character skin was not worth it.”

12. Dull and shabby.

“Painting everything grey.

I mean, why was it ever cool? Particularly in Britain, where it’s grey enough!”

13. Not a good look.

“Half the fashion trends going on right now.

I just see all these celebrities with super long nails, giant sunglasses, and outfits with really weird patterns, fabrics, and cut-outs, and I know that one day we will look back on them and say “how did anyone ever think that looked good?”… and then those trends will be back in style in 2040, mark my words.

We look back on the 2000s and say “wow, low rise jeans? Gross!” But they’re on their way back into style. Just you wait. Rule of 20. Soon everyone will have their thongs peaking out of their pants again, I promise you.”

You know the drill…

Now it’s your turn!

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