15 People Share What They Think ‘Level One’ Video Game Bad Guys Are IRL

Image Credit: Pixabay

When we play games, online or otherwise, there’s always the Big Bad Guy to beat.

But way before you get to the last boss, there’s the one you have to defeat on the very first level.

Not so Big, he’s still Bad, but very easy to beat.

What is the real life equivalent?

The 13+ people below have some suggestions, and it’s hard to argue!

#15. That little mini-stumble.

The curb that’s one inch higher than you expected so you do that little mini-stumble thing

#14. Back in middle school.

The Hall Monitor from back in middle school.

The parking meter checker for adults.

#13. A thief.

Workplace lunch thief

#12. People.

People who stare at you and make you look away.

#11. A goose at the park.

That goose at the park that I tried to do karate at when I was five

#10. Slow and go.

The guy who does a “slow and go” at a 4 way stop when you were there first.

#9. That won’t stop.

A fly that won’t stop bugging you

#8. Someone you could easily punt.

Kids from rough neighborhoods that try and rob you.

Btw, by kids I mean like <13, so someone you could easily punt across the fucking moon.

#7. Just ants.

Generic ants. Not bullet ants or anything; just ants.

#6. Everyone knows.

Kid tries to punch me and take my food then cried when his hand aches from hitting the bone in my back.

Everyone know that if you wanna hurt a man, you need to kick the crotch.

#5. The kid who won’t share the swing.

In the first year of elementary school, just after the tutorial, there’s a kid who won’t share the swing and keeps it all recess.

#4. Seeing you in doubles.

The alc*holic threatening to beat you up while not being able to stay on their feet and always swinging to the left/right of you because he’s seeing you in doubles.

#3. 200+ followers.

A middle schooler making fun of you for not having 200+ followers

#2. Not the grapes.

People who steal/eat grapes from the supermarket

#1. That dude.

That dude who keeps asking the introvert why he doesn’t speak

If only every defeat was so easy!

What’s your thought on this one?

Share your Level One bad guy in the comments!